Long Wait Is over for People Who Want the Nicest and Newest Log House at Just $19,000

Long Wait Is over for People Who Want the Nicest and Newest Log House at Just $19,000

This beautiful prefab log home kit can be purchased with a matching new car garage at an affordable price. Prefab homes are typically more affordable than standard home builds. With prices ranging from $140 to $350 US per square meter, you can find a home to match your budget. This prefab log home kit is a great option for full-time living, as an office or villa, the choice is yours. This prefab kit has two floors of living space, gray fiberglass roofing shingles, a front covered porch and new car garage if desired. This prefab is built from quality Russian Pine and fiberglass roofing shingles, being a home that is environmentally friendly and green. Log homes are also home builds that can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

On top of being a green build, log homes are known to withstand many things that the environment throws at them. From high winds, cold, and extreme weather conditions, log homes are built to last. Log homes may also be one of the most fire resistant builds you will find. There have been several amazing stories over the years, of fires that have burnt around log homes that are well built. You may hear of log homes whose structural integrity was not destroyed after a fire. Some of this has to do with the size of the logs used in the homes, with larger logs being the most resistant to fires. But a log home that has been well-built has solid walls that have a fire resistive nature. Log homes may be fire resistant due to the combination of the insulating response of the charred wood at the surface of the logs along with the very slow rate at which fire spreads along the surface of the log. A well-built log home should have no concealed cavities in the walls through which the fire can travel. These factors combined are what makes a log home one of the best fire blockers. Using logs for the log home building of trusses, roof beams, and veranda posts helps to make log home designs more safe, and fire resistant. Because logs and wood are an organic building material, the logs are combustible, but because of their charring and insulating qualities, they have excellent resistance to fire. Wood and logs begin to char at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but the wood underneath this char can remain structurally sound. You will find something similar to this protective log char coat in some of the manmade chemicals that are created and used as fire retardants to help protect building materials and structures during fires. These are just a few of the things that make log home designs so popular. Not to mention the fact that log homes are aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable to live and stay in.

If building a log home of your own is something you're considering, you will want to consider prefab design. This prefab log home is just one of the prefabs you will find on the "Alibaba" site. On this prefab designs site, you will find all sorts of prefabs, in a variety of floor plans, styles, and sizes from big to small. You will find suppliers of prefab homes from around the world depending on the sort of prefab design you want. There are prefab designs with and without covered patios and balconies, in a wide variety of prefab styles, floor plans, and sizes. With all sorts of prefab designs from playhouses, tree houses, vacation homes, log home kits, and more. There is a prefab design for most any budget and lifestyle. **

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