Log Homes are Making a Comeback Because of This One Outstanding Characteristic...

Log Homes are Making a Comeback Because of This One Outstanding Characteristic...

People are seeing the long term benefits of living in a home that is made from sustainable materials that stand the test of time. So many of these building built with wood and logs or stones have been standing for over a hundred years. The newer homes that are going up these days use very little natural building materials, and they go up so fast its almost crazy! When you want a home that is going to last decades, for your whole family to enjoy over time, you want to build with materials that are going to stand up to the test.

Heartwood Log & Timber Design, is an architecture firm that works with people to create the home of their dreams while utilizing the raw, natural materials like logs and timber. They want to create a legacy with their clients, something that can last through time. They design and execute the clients ideas and desires for their home in a way that feels good to the client, not just to get the job done. When you see the article with the photos of some of their projects and drawings, you will be amazed! They seem to love mixing the old with the new, the natural, rustic look with the contemporary look. Its really beautiful the way they put their projects together!

You can really tell that they are passionate about what they do, it shines through in the homes they build! The time and effort they take with each client just makes it so much of a more pleasant experience for all involved. So when you are looking to build a new home, be sure to check out Heartwood Log & Timber Design, even just for ideas for your project. Follow the link in the description over to 'Goods Home Design' and see what they have to offer!

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