Log Home Living’s 10 Favorite Small Log Cabins

Log Home Living’s 10 Favorite Small Log Cabins

Log Home Living’s 10 Favorite Small Log Cabins features some of the most beautiful log cabin designs in the United States. Although large, luxury log homes and cabins can be really impressive, the small ones can also show just as much style and beauty. Log homes and cabins are some of the most sought after types of homes; people fall in love with the amazing architecture and design of log houses and cabins, and you can't deny that there is just something so magical about a building made from logs. Although log homes can be a major undertaking to build and afford, there are ways that the stresses and costs of building a log home can be reduced. Many people make the mistake of thinking they need more space in their home than they actually do, which can make a home more expensive to build as well as to heat in the colder months. It really helps to know as much as you can about how much space you will need so that you can choose a log home floor plan that will be suitable and affordable. This is why small log cabins and homes like the ones from this top ten list can be a great choice.

The planning stage is one of the most crucial stages, so make sure you take your time on deciding on the plan for your log home or cabin if you are building it from scratch. There are so many awesome log cabin designs and floor plans on the internet to choose from, so it helps to narrow down what your needs and desires will be. The more detailed your plan can be, the better. You can obtain free plans online, but sometimes they are missing details, so you can take it to a designer to have details added or even add them yourself if you know how to do that. But having help on your plans is always recommended so that you have as much information on your plans as possible. Having the information insures that the contractors will have no problem giving you a quote on how much it will cost to build your cabin or home, and there will likely be fewer problems as construction begins. It also helps to know that there are different log houses and cabins that cost less to build, for example, a style of log cabin design that is more affordable to build is called a chinker, which takes less time to build. Another thing to keep in mind is the less walls and corners you have in your floor plan, the cheaper the cabin or house will be to build and if you can have multiple floors like a basement, main level and an upper level or a loft, it will cost less than building a house with the same amount of space all on one level.

These small log cabins on Log Home Living give you a good idea of some of the most lovely log cabin designs on the market. These plans are some of the most popular log cabin designs right now and can be ordered through the companies websites. Most of the small log cabins are at least 1000 square feet, but some are a little more. Many of them have one bedroom with a loft area, and others have up to three bedrooms. It all just depends on what your personal needs are and how many members are in your family. So have a look at these ten awesome small log cabins and see which plan you like the most.***

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