Log Home Chalet Cabin In The French Alps

Log Home Chalet Cabin In The French Alps

Amazingly, but true, when I was growing up I was lucky enough to actually live on the incredible Swiss Alps for an entire summer, during a school program in a tiny mountain village a few hours outside of the capital of Geneva. The way of life, there was extremely idyllic and laid back.

The Swiss always acted very polite to me but really they were in their own little world, with a lifestyle much different, and in many ways better than anything I'd ever experienced before. Farmers would let their cows wander the mountains with no fear of anyone stealing them, a few yodellers would occasionally burst into song from surrounding mountains and every flower imaginable was in bloom. I was lucky enough to spend an entire summer in a mountain village called Leysin where people came from all over the world to rock climb, hike and mountain bike up and down the slopes. The roads were so narrow that only one car could turn a corner at a time, and the best way to get around was by mountain train or gondola ride, which took you right to the top of the mountains.

With most people living in the small valleys of the enormous mountains, a small but hardy population lives close to the mountaintops in this gorgeous country. The log cabin chalets built on the mountainside are magnificent, and speak to the talent and ingenuity of the Swiss builders who made them. These chalets give wide open views of the mountains and valleys that seem to go on forever around you, making you feel like the lord of all you survey. The mountains are so immense and so old that you also feel a bit humbled, the Alps truly seem immoveable and stoic. It is hard to find more gorgeous views than that from a Swiss mountaintop, and the beautiful log cabin chalets there only enhance the natural beauty.

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