Log Home: Bonds of Friendship

Log Home: Bonds of Friendship

There is nothing like sitting on a deck watching a sunset with unobstructed sweeping views of nature. Off tucked away in some remote log cabin, these moments are best shared with friends and family. Memories can be created and bonds of friendship strengthened over a glass of wine and a roaring fire pit, after wandering the meadows and collecting the firewood to burn. Contrary to popular belief, most families live in the beautiful log cabins as a primary residence, versus living in crowded metropolitan areas. With advancements in technology used to build these lovely log homes, these "pre-fab" structures can be assembled in advance, taking months off of the construction time to build a home in a matter of a few weeks.

Some companies even use "environmentally friendly" ways to harvest the wood, like collecting wood that has been struck by lightning, blown over by wind or killed / eaten by bugs or beetles. This is sustainable and lumbar companies and working more and more to lessen their environmental footprint by using these ways and focusing on re-planting and reforestation. Lumbar is a renewable resource and is less environmentally damaging vs other resources like mining, for oil or minerals. Additionally, there are so many different types of wood to choose and it is easy to design your own custom dream home by choosing everything - from the flooring to the shingles up on the roof!

The best part about these natural homes and their minimal environmental footprint, is these log homes are sturdy and hardy, and will last for generations. The methods of construction are advanced, but the resource is tried, tested and true. Using sood in your home design is so grounding and allows a blend of natural and modern. The natural wooden hues are grounding and calming and can bring a sense of the outdoors "inside", and the earthy colours can enhance any interior design. The rustic-chic accents can be amplified if you bring plants or other natural materials into the building process like using granite or stone works. The stone works could be incorporated to build a giant fireplace, one that can be used for decades to come, to bring family and friends closer together and to strengthen the bonds of friendship.

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