Log Cabin Plans Diy

Log Cabin Plans Diy

Log homes are loved all over the world, and so are these Log Cabin Plans that can be DIY projects. To build a log home, you need some log working know how if you are building it from scratch. But, if you are building a log cabin from a pre-made kit, then depending on the size, people can sometimes be able to assemble the log cabin themselves. With the help of some of your family and perhaps some friends, or maybe a hired helper, smaller to moderate-sized log cabins can be built by the customer when they come in a prefabricated kit. All of the pieces are already assembled before hand, and the company labels the pieces with detailed instructions as to which piece goes where.

The larger cabins like some of the ones you will see on Sport XN will need to be built by a professional. The larger log home builds are sometimes built using cranes to lift up the larger, heavier logs. The log home craftsmen know exactly how to manoeuvre the logs on this machinery so that they can be stacked and set in the perfect way. Plus, they are licensed to use this type of machinery, and an average person would have to obtain the necessary licences to operate one of these cranes safely. The smaller cabins, however, have smaller pieces and parts, the logs are a little shorter and less heavy, which make them easier to just lift with a couple of people.

Log homes are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, and even some of the smallest log homes have the biggest character. The little log home in this post, in the eighth photo, looks like the perfect little traditional log home, like one that the pioneers would have built when they first started to settle the land in North America. Just like the log houses and cabins from Europe that have been being built for centuries. The building of log cabins even goes as far back as Roman times, when they were used as multi family dwellings because they were an efficient way to build larger structures strong enough to hold many people. This sweet log cabin in the photo is probably used as a hunting cabin or a recreational cabin for part time use. Some people also choose to live in them full time.

Then we have one of the larger cabins that could be built with a prefabricated kit, or a custom log home build. This one is stunning, and also includes some fabulous masonry work that makes up the lower level of the home. The large logs on this home make a big impression and the set of logs on the top of the house, look so natural, as part of their roots at the bottom have been left intact. The various architectural peaks on the house add some added interest and appeal to the home, and the gorgeous full, floor to ceiling windows, framed by the natural, huge logs on either side. Some log companies even allow their customers to choose the particular logs they want as the architectural feature of the home. The fifth photo also shows how exquisite the inside of log homes and cabins can be as well. The interior log siding provides a stylish, and very Earthy appeal and all of the cabinetry can be made to match the type of wood that the logs are. If you are looking for some log home inspiration, I suggest checking out more of the photos on Sport XN, where you can see a variety of beautiful log homes. Even if you are not thinking of building your own log home, it is just fun to look sometimes too. Enjoy!

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