Living Untethered: 14 Beautiful Off-Grid Cabins & Cottages

Living Untethered: 14 Beautiful Off-Grid Cabins & Cottages

The wave of people downsizing their lives and moving into cabins or tiny homes off grid is wonderful! Here are some awesome examples in this article - Living Untethered: 14 Beautiful Off-Grid Cabins & Cottages. Off grid has its own advantages, but when you also live in a home that you can afford right off the bat, without having to go into debt over, that is truly living the good life all around! So many people are realizing that living off grid and in a smaller than conventional home is the way to go, you can live a life of quality and not quantity, living out your dreams and passions!

These 14 beautiful homes are so unique and lovely in their own ways. It's very inspiring to see all of the different, amazing homes there are out there, and makes you realize that this is so possible, maybe more possible than you ever thought! Like the floating Egg house, that was just someone's great idea that they manifested into a reality. And what a great idea it is! It was designed by an artist and a Naval architect and is used by estuary researchers on the water of the River Beaulieu in the United Kingdom.

I really love the Minim House, which is 201 square feet, but is planned really well, with tons of great light from the many large windows, and the way the layout was planned, it feels a lot bigger than 201 square feet! This one also has rainwater supply which is very sustainable. The self sustaining cabin in Maine is also very appealing, with a big loft area and plenty of room for a living room and kitchen, of course lovely large windows and is run on solar power which is awesome! There are lots of other amazing homes on here, so go over and have a look on 'Web Ecoist', by following the link in the section below for more off grid cabins and cottages!

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