Living The Full Timer Life In A Teardrop Camper

Living The Full Timer Life In A Teardrop Camper

There have never been more tiny house and small house living options than there are today, with gingerbread cottages, rustic cabins, had crafted cob cottages, factory built prefabs, and beach shacks there is a tiny house to suit almost everyone. This "Living The Full Timer Life In A Teardrop Camper," article is an interesting read on how a couple is making micro living work.

Living in a teardrop camper full time is know as "micro" living, if you think downsizing into a tiny house or small house is challenging, living in a teardrop camper takes tiny house living to a whole new level. Teardrop campers are small, ranging in size from four feet to six feet in width, and eight to ten feet in length, and four to five feet in height. Teardrop campers usually weigh less than 1,000 pounds, and can be towed by most any vehicle. A teardrop camper has room for two people to sleep, storage for clothes and other items, and in the rear under a hatch is a galley for cooking. Inside a teardrop camper there are lights and other electrical power supplied by a storage battery, some have shore power hook ups like regular travel trailers.

The couple in the article sold everything in their expensive Southern California apartment and bought a mini cooper, and a four by nine teardrop trailer, took along two dogs and became full time teardrop camper dwellers. The couple run a web development company and telecommute, now that's downsizing. While living in a teardrop is an adjustment after living in an apartment, you have to be the type of person that can feel comfortable living out of a backpack, if you hope to make micro living work.

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