Live Like a Snail In This Eco-House

Live Like a Snail In This Eco-House

You'll be inspired to Live Like a Snail In This Eco-House, when you see the thoughtful craftsmanship utilized by the innovative architect and lumberjack, Torsten Ottesj.

Ottesj began his architectural work by studying space, in terms of how compact it could become and still remain functional. He deliberately eschews the ubiquity of square dwellings in favor of the natural extension of curved lines that more accurately echo the forms found in nature. For Ottesj, it's not just about building something. It's about building a functional work of sculptural architecture.

HUS-1, aptly named for being the first house Ottesj designed, is 269 square feet of compact strategic planning. Its' double-curved structure emulates that of an inverted boat, with thin visible strips of wood that guide the eye along the interior of its' curvilinear elongated design. It has a foyer entrance, an enclosed bed space with a tiny window along the exterior wall, and a small kitchen that opens out to a small balcony. There is no bathroom so one can only assume that there is an outhouse, or comparable facilities, built nearby. Most of the windows on HUS-1 are located at the ends of the building, and they comprise a series of slats, placed diagonally, that meet the curved lines that make up the entrances to the house. Even so, the house seems flooded with light.

The exterior of HUS-1 is almost completely covered in wood shingles, and with its' gentle curve seems like the body of a snail as it stretches forward. Much like the snail that carries nothing but its' house, to live in this would require a minimum of living supplies, and would most likely be suitable for travellers visiting Scandinavia from other lands.

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