You will want to take a closer look at the LITTLE LOST VALLEY CABIN a stunning tiny house design located in Summit Springs Ranch, Idaho. This restored tiny house design is a 700 square foot tiny cabin designed by Clark Stevens. The tiny house design is also known as the Little Lost Valley cabin and was designed by architect Clark Stevens for the investment company Beartooth Capital. This business is built around finding neglected ranch properties, then restoring the structures, waterways, and lands, and later selling them often with conservation easements in place. Beartooth Capital bought the tiny house design and property in Idaho to the east of the Sawtooths, which had no legal road access, and then put together a deal with the Nature Conservancy. The tiny house design deal added another 623 acres to the land parcel and access right of way in exchange for setting aside 1,960 of the 3,783 total acres. This tiny house design is nothing short of amazing and you will want to take a closer look; you won't be able to stop thinking about the tiny house interior design and this tiny house design location.

This stunning tiny house design and tiny house interior design is located about halfway between Ketchum and Jackson Hole, and the Little Lost Valley cabin has public lands all around it with national forest, BLM, and state protected land all around. The Summit Creek, which is a trout stream, runs right past the tiny cabin designs and just had two miles restored by Beartooth Capital. Since the tiny house design renovation, there has already been in a rebound in the brookies and rainbow trouts repopulation. And with the next nearest building is five miles away, there's no one in sight. Everything about this tiny home design is beautiful from the scenic mountain backdrop to its all wood tiny house interior design and exterior. This tiny home design is rustic but has modern lighting fixtures and a spacious feel making it one of the best tiny house design you will see. The use of lots of windows throughout the tiny cabin designs lets in the scenic views which are abundant in this beautiful location. Some of the smaller windows feel like nature photos, located perfectly to show the scenery all around. The front covered porch is a place you could spend plenty of time also enjoying the scenery and the fresh mountain air. The clawfoot tub is located in front of a window where you can also enjoy the scenery. This tiny house design shows how design and location can intertwine to make the best tiny house design where you can enjoy some time away in a location you won't want to leave. With a location like this, you don't need a lot of space because your backyard goes on for days. The tiny house interior design is well suited to its stunning location the two seem to be one with its natural materials and perfectly positioned windows.

This is just one of the tiny house design plans you will find on the "Small House Swoon" site. On the tiny house design site, you will find all there is to find on tiny home design and tiny cabin designs. With everything from the best tiny house design, tiny cabin designs on wheels to the best tiny house design cottages, modern tiny homes designs to rustic tiny cabin designs and so much more. This tiny home design site is a good place to start if you are wondering what sort of tiny houses design is out there, and trying to figure out if a tiny home design is something for you. *

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