Little Log House Design - Gate Lodge

Little Log House Design - Gate Lodge

Little Log House Design - Gate Lodge is an exceptional quality structure that will give you pleasure for generations to come.

The Little Log House Company is a business deeply rooted in the traditions of log home building. Log Homes have been embraced for centuries as a style of building that will last throughout the life expectancy of many generations in any climate and even the worst weather conditions. Proper maintenance and design are key and that's why its so important that log home builders work within the structural integrity that has proven itself for hundreds of years.

Often affectionately referred to as the "log lifestyle", natural timber gives a supportive character to any home and ultimately creates an uplifting and healthy living environment. There is a sense of calm that exists within a log home and most would agree that calming feeling cannot be matched by contemporary building methods. Typically log homes are very low maintenance and even quite efficient thanks to the thermal retention of the wood structure.

The Little Log House Company specializes in traditional and handmade methods and their homes do not resemble any of the mass produced buildings that are on the market today. The distinct craftsmanship and features are evident throughout their homes and there is no mistaking the craftsmanship that is involved. Knowledge and experience are key as is the importance of sticking with methods that are tried and true. Within the Log Home building industry there is never any reason to reinvent the wheel, generations of success has proven the benefits of original methods.

The Gate Lodge is a wonderful little cabin, steeped in tradition and oozing with charm. Why not rest a little on the covered front porch. This is a cabin that will grow and evolve just as your family does and for generations to come it will be cherished.

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