Little Cabin with 20 Acres

Little Cabin with 20 Acres

This Little Cabin with 20 Acres, may be a small footprint at only 500 square feet but it's certainly big on rustic charm. Set amongst the beautiful landscape of a small town in California, showcasing 20 acres of gorgeous land. What you do with such a gem will be entirely up to you. As a site to live full time, you could be off the grid and self sufficient, certainly an ideal property for homesteading. Create a garden plot to grow your own vegetables, perhaps a few fruit trees as well for dietary balance and beauty. Overtime as a creative extension of you and your family, this property and this home will evolve to something spectacular and something to be cherished for years to come.

The setting is not just any part of California, this cabin is located in Forbestown, California. The development and boom for Forbestown came with the mining industry during the late 1800's and sadly by the 1930's that boom was over and Forbestown became a ghost town. Now it's home to a few people who appreciate the quiet and solitude offered by a town which has essentially almost fallen off the map. Residents of the Forbestown area are only about 3 hours from the Bay Area and only 20 minutes from Oroville which is perfect for shopping and purchasing supplies as necessary.

The current owner has identified the challenges with selling such a property, however also notes there is considerable value to the property being logged. More than one logging company has came out to quote that there is over $100,000 in timber alone and that is conservative given the fact that they did not include the many old growth cedars that would be left behind.

You'll enjoy full sun all day on the 9 acres that is perched above the service road. Water is serviced by an underground spring that plays host to a 1500 gallon well tank. The portion of the property that could be logged now or in the future is seated just below the forest service road, which is ideal and exceptionally convenient while logging would take place. The treed area is heavily populated by oaks, but also includes madrones, pines and cedars. Of course until such time as you decide to log the area you could also use these resources for improving the cabin. Perhaps your dreams are bigger and you'd rather build another home? Whatever your desire, there is both room and resources to make it all happen here in this little piece of paradise.

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