Lifelong Friends Build Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere.

Lifelong Friends Build Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere.

Tiny houses and small houses are becoming more and more popular, and this more affordable home option, is allowing people to build small homes that are more suited to their needs, personalities and preferences. These "Lifelong Friends Build Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere," is a great example of a group of friends, realizing their dreams and building a tiny house community, that best suits their lifestyles and needs.

This little community of small houses, is made up of four couple who've been best friends for twenty years. The group decided to create their own 'Bestie Row,' all fans of the tiny house movement, so they decided to build a little community of small houses based on that idea. With the help of Architect Matt Garcia, they made this set of tiny houses, a dream come true. Originally the couples considered building just one large house, but in the end realized the importance of personal space, so they went with their own tiny houses. The group did however build a 1500 square foot, community building with a kitchen, dining area, and space for guests and activities, they could enjoy together.

The individual tiny houses are 400 square foot small cabins, costing about $40,000 each. The small houses are designed to handle the dry, and harsh Texas climate. The tiny houses are also designed for sustainability, and low environmental impact. The solar heat used in the tiny houses is dramatically reduced by using galvanized metal siding and spray foam insulation, in each tiny house which helps keep heat in during the winter. Each tiny house has a sloped roof that allow rainwater runoff to collect into a water catchment tank. The interiors of the tiny houses are designed to look both modern and rustic.

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