Learn A Little More About the Log House That People Can't Stop Talking About

Learn A Little More About the Log House That People Can't Stop Talking About

It's always inspiring to hear how a log house design came to be, and this log cabin in Wisconsin will have you wanting a log cabin of your own. This log house design is located near Wisconsins Black River Falls. A 2,500 square foot home which doesn't include the walkout basement, sits where a 1930s log cabin once stood. A couple purchased the property in 1993 specifically for the log cabin, as it was a convenient 45-minute country drive from their business, and they wanted a vacation getaway. After the couple had spent five years on the property, they loved Black River Falls enough to build their home closeby. Some of the log house design details included full logs, chinking and handcrafted log house construction included logs that were hand peeled, scribed and notched. Large windows are in the log house design to take advantage of the property's natural slope that allows for views of the creek, pond, and wildlife. The log house design has an open floorplan to entertain friends and efficient use of space. The couple wanted large enough but not too big to lose the coziness of their log cabin.

When it comes to building a log cabin design, there are so many options to choose from. There are also a lot of ways you can save money when you build your log house design. Some ways you might save money include building a rectangle log house design, as this is the least expensive log home design to build and requires the least amount of special log home building skills. The thing that costs more in log house designs is more corners. The more corners there are in a log house design, the more it will cost. Keeping corners in your log house design to a min8mum will help to reduce the cost of your log cabin design. The least expensive and most time-saving style of log house design is the chinker style. The walls of this type of log home build are built using notches for the corners and steel pins to hold the walls together. The more you can fit under the one roof whether it be a basement, a loft, etc., the more your log house square footage price will be reduced. Building a log house design that is on one floor is the most expensive way to build a log house dig per square foot. A log cabin design that would be inexpensive and easy to build is about 18 feet by 22 feet.

This is just one of the log house designs you will find on the "Log Home Living" site. This is a great place to look if log home living is something you are thinking about. Some of the log house topics covered on the site include log home budget, log home plans, log house designs and log home floor plans. You will also be able to find log home furnishings, log home builds, maintaining a log home and log home companies and products. On the log cabin design site, you will also find an interactive quiz that helps to get you started on your log house design journey. One of the first questions the log house quiz will ask is if you have your piece of land to build your log house design. If you don't, they can offer suggestions on how to start the process of purchasing a piece of land. This log house design site can help you on your log home journey by guiding you in the right direction, and offering any ideas or suggestions along the way. **

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