This is one of those house cleaning tips and tricks that you rarely think about, but something that should be done about once a year. This household cleaning tips idea will help to keep dust away for good. Its important to wash your fan vents at least once a year, but you can maintain them by dusting them throughout the year to keep the dust from building up. It's easy to forget about cleaning the bathroom vents, but that dust build up will make it difficult for your ceiling vent to work properly. To make dusting the vents easier, you can learn how to wax them, just as you would do with your car. To do, simply remove your vents and wash them. There are two ways you can do this, either fill up your sink with soapy water and wash them, just like you would do with the dishes. Or you can wash the vents individually. Then let the vents dry, making sure that they are completely dry before you apply the wax. You can try washing them in the evening and then letting them dry overnight. Then wax the vents, as strange as it sounds you will be amazed at how well this works. Apply the wax liberally, just like you would if you were waxing your car. Make sure not to forget the underside of the vents. Then buff the wax off. Your vents will be shiny and clean, and the best part is that they will repel the dust. These house cleaning tips and tricks for cleaning your vents may seem a bit tedious at the time, but it will make dusting your vents so much easier throughout the year.

These vent house cleaning tips and tricks aren't the only thing you can use turtle wax for. Turtle was great for repelling food, and food build along with hard water build up. To use on kitchen surfaces start by cleaning the surface thoroughly. Then with a damp sponge apply a light layer of the wax. You should hardly see the layer of wax; it should be very light. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove the heavy layer. Then let the wax dry, and lightly buff with a soft cloth to reveal your more water repellent, super shiny surface. You can even use turtle wax for cleaning the bathroom. You can use the same way on sinks, tubs and toilets just apply a light layer and buff off, then afterward you can clean the car. You can use turtle wax to clean your shower and bathroom tiles once a week. The wax helps to prevent mold and soap scum build up. After you clean the bathroom with turtle wax, you can keep it up by just using furniture polish.

Turtle wax is great in the shower; the water beads off the shower doors, so you never have to scrub again. Everyone need some house cleaning tips and tricks to use around the house. With so many cleaning projects to do you want to find solutions that will save you time and money. These household cleaning tips using turtle wax will change the way you look at the popular car wax and have you using it all over the house for a variety of housecleaning tips and tricks. These house cleaning tips and tricks for cleaning your vents can be found on the "Ask Anna" site. This is just one of the household cleaning tips you will find on the site. You will also find other house cleaning tips, organizing, decorating ideas and so much more. **

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