Just Take A Look At This Epic Image And Picture Yourself There!

Just Take A Look At This Epic Image And Picture Yourself There!

If you are hungry for experience, you better keep your eyes in this article. I present to you the Kootenai, ladies and gentlemen! This is going to be the experience that you will never forget. The log homes, my peeps, lead to this amazing Kootenai experience. A lot of log cabins are found in Kootenai, but one of these cabins have stood out among the crowd. Now, if you want to meet it, I advise that you join me as I embark to a one of a kind getting-to-know session with this amazing log home. So sit back, relax, and let Russell cabin make you fall. *winks*

Russell Cabin in Kootenai is a historic log home that is built in the 1880s. It is named after the famous Western artist and past frequenter of the Kootenai, Charlie Russell. This is once a main lodge of the Copper Kings when they are in Kootenai. The cabin consists of four bedrooms with four and a half bath. Is fireplace your favorite part at home? You wouldnt miss it here, pal. *winks* This log home also has two stone fireplace and an over-sized gourmet kitchen with an adjacent breakfast room. Also, you wouldnt miss your bar nights here because this log cabin offers a walk-in wet bar that features an under-counter refrigeration and wine storage. If it is formality in eating you want, you can go to the log homes formal dining room, and youll love it! *winks* If you are the kind who brings work at home, there is a downstairs office that provides a breathtaking view of the Swan Lake and the ever beautiful mountains. The log cabin also has an upstairs VIP bedroom suite, and when it comes to outdoor space, this home is abundant. And the Master Suite? The spacious Master Suite will be the new place youll love. *smiles*

Do you want to take a look at the cabin that Im talking about? Go to Kootenai website below and itll give you the experience that you deserve.

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