Itty Bitty Cottage House Plan

Itty Bitty Cottage House Plan

Ever since the tiny homes movement took off a few years ago, smaller dwellings have gained popularity and are becoming the home of choice of many families across the country. With a dreamy, cottage design like this, less is indeed more.

Don't be fooled by the size of this cottage house plan: this cottage can accommodate up to 2 bedrooms, a vaulted living room, and even a studio, with the potential of adding a sun deck and a basement. The house plan is recommended for vacation homes, but if you are the type who enjoys minimalist, zen living, this may be the house plan for you.

It's no mega-mansion, but this itty-bitty cottage is an architectural juggernaut in itself. Because the floor size is very limited, architects and homeowners, alike, are faced with the challenge of keeping the interior simple or minimalist, and neat. If you are the type, who enjoys finding a place for everything, arranging the interior of this itty-bitty cottage might be fun for you. The joy that comes with small homes isn't the only reason you might want to consider an itty-bitty cottage in the future.

Today, homes with a living area of 957 square feet, like this cottage, or smaller are seen as more economical, more practical, and even, trendier. It has become the RV of our generation. What's not to like about small homes? While they may not be as grand as the mega-mansions our favorite celebrities and athletes come home to every night, this itty-bitty cottage house plan, and many others like it, emanate with a special charm of their own.

It may be said that cottages or small homes fit the new era. Homes of this size take up little space and are affordable to build and maintain, so if you are the sort who is very conscious of your housing expenses, this itty-bitty cottage house plan might be ideal for your lifestyle. If you prefer smaller homes and larger lots so you can have a wider yard or a small space on your property for a garden of small farm, this cottage house plan which may be build with up to 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, or two, and a studio may be something for you to look into, in the future.

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