It’s So Hard NOT To Drool Over This Stunning Log Cabin…We Dare You To Try!

It’s So Hard NOT To Drool Over This Stunning Log Cabin…We Dare You To Try!

“What is the real best word to describe this log cottage?” The word I can find is amazing. That’s it, my friends. This amazing log cottage will give you that ‘amazing’ and ‘fairy tale’ feeling in the middle of the forest, but guys, we don’t want to remove that word from the title, right? “Remove the word 'amazing'? Why would that happen?” Here’s why: the mold removes the ‘A’; dusts fade out the ‘M’; ‘A’ is cracked by cracks, and the failure to clean the interior and exterior turns the ‘Z’ into ‘N’: a nightmare. That leaves your log cottage ING – ING-possible to be called ‘amazing’. Now, think again. You don’t like it like that, do you? Let me share with you some tips on how to maintain your log cottage.

Molds can threaten the wonderful view of your log cottage. As stated in Lake Home and Cabin Home website, molds develop in slightly wet, shady and warm areas. Whether your log home is located near a water source or up in the mountain, it’s not free from mold. The best way to fight mold is “by ventilating the air by opening the windows and keeping the temperatures low and the area dry.” However, during the winter season, this may not be the best solution. To prepare your amazing log cottage, Lake Home and Cabin Home suggests, “Always have in hand a bottle of bleach. Mix one part of it with four parts clear water and wash the logs. If you are afraid that you can ruin the shiny finish, use vinegar instead. It’s advisable to put one coat of wood polish a day or two after the logs cleaning.”

Dust is another predicament. Log homes will always be prone to this, especially those crevices between the wood logs. How to prevent those dusts? “You can prevent it by applying an appropriate finish. Stain the logs and then use a sealer on both the inside and outside. It doesn’t mean that from now on you will not need to dust off anymore, but it will surely make your job less complicated.” And that’s how we fight them, my friend. *winks*

Another problem here is the cracks. The solution? No other than repairing, pal. There are some ways on how to do this. For now, I can only give you some tips before repairing it from Craig Samuel, a contributor from eHow. “Be sure the cracked area is fully dried before beginning any repairs to avoid trapping moisture inside the crack. Make the repairs when rain is not forecast for several days to promote even drying.”

The interior and exterior SHOULD be cleaned. For the exterior, you may use the power washer. However, cob or sand blasting is much better because they offer more benefits. For the interior, “you need to adapt your cleaning routine to the specifics of your cabin. You should take into account the type of wood and how it was conditioned.”

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