It's Not Larger than a Shipping Container, but It's Comfy Enough to Host a King

It's Not Larger than a Shipping Container, but It's Comfy Enough to Host a King

This "550 Sq. Ft. Modern Prefab House In Spain" is a tiny house house that is located in Alicante, Spain. The tiny prefabricated small house was created and built by architect, Daniel Mart i Prez of DMP Arquitectura and designers, Jurgen Van Weereld and Karin Giesberts. The prefabricated panels of the tiny prefab house helped speed up the construction process by not having to use heavy equipment or tons of labor to build.

To keep costs on the tiny house low the designers went with a rectangular shaped house which at first looks like a shipping container. In this tiny house space there is a master bedroom, second room/study, bathroom and kitchen. With lots of outdoor space for hanging out or dining al fresco. This modern tiny house space is surrounded by great natural views, and is located on the side of a scenic hill. The interior space extends outdoors with an outdoor patio where you can hang out, the patio is simply made of tiny rocks that fit in with the landscape and work perfectly. Lots of windows in the tiny house manage to bring the outdoor in, also making the tiny house feel more spacious. The bathroom feels modern with a floating vanity, grey floors and white walls. You will want to take a look at this great prefab, and share it with your friends.

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Design is about all aspects of a home, whether it be a larger sized home or a tiny home. It does not matter if the tiny home is used for full time living, a guest house, a vacation home, artist studio, or writers cabin, everything that goes into a space is important. For the materials you use to build your home, to the property you choose to build your home, and how you are going to complement that location that you are in. Tiny house design just keeps getting better and better. It makes you rethink the purpose and use of our home space, from how you are going to store everything you have, to what you see when you walk into a home.

You might think that living in a tiny house is something that you may be interested in, or even if you think that a tiny house would work as a vacation home for you and your family, or a guest house you can find lots of great tiny house resources from books, websites, step by step video tutorials and literature. Try a visit to your local library to see if they have any books on tiny house design and styles. There are also workshops offered all over the country where you can learn how to build your own tiny home or small cabin, whether it be a tiny house on wheels, strawbale houses or log cabins.

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