It May Not Be Large in Size, but It Sure Doesn't Lack in Luxury

It May Not Be Large in Size, but It Sure Doesn't Lack in Luxury

This stunning "Luxury Waterfront Small House" may not be large in size, but it certainly makes up for it in this modern and beautiful design. The calm blue waters that the tiny house sit on, offer a perfect setting along with the mountain, forest and hill surroundings. This is the type of tiny home that dreams are made of.

Just when you think that tiny house designs couldn't get much better, along comes a tiny home design like this, leaving you feeling inspired. This tiny house design uses lots of natural materials from wood, stone and glass to tie it in to its natural surroundings. It looks like inside there are high ceilings that leave the tiny house with a spacious feeling. This modern tiny house has a great front covered patio with lots of space to enjoy the surrounding scenery and to have lots of family and friends over too. Either side of the tiny house design has lots of glass to bring the outdoor location into the space.

This site is a great place to find tiny house inspirations and designs from all over the world. Some of the tiny house designs you will find are tiny snow huts, a really stylish tiny bathroom, tiny guest cottage, wall mounted flip desk for your multi functional tiny space, tiny A frame cabin in the mountains, handmade micro truck bed camper for $3,700, dentist goes from Big house and Ferrari to tiny house and 300 possessions, 640 square foot tiny cottage in NY for sale on Trulia, shipping container tiny house on stilts, #38,000 Addison Mansion tiny house on wheels, smart and cheap space saving dish cradle for your kitchen, the $10,000 192 square foot DIY bachelor pad tiny house, academic village cottage tiny houses for student housing, 160 square foot treehouse retreat, 3 awesome tiny dishwashers you can't have, DIY tiny kitchen in a studio, DIY tiny cabin with deck, KitHAUS tiny modern cabins and backyard offices, Spacebar prefab stackable tiny houses, flexible and affordable tiny houses for all, the Swamp house your own tiny house compound, the Skyeia tin roof tiny cabin at Blue Moon Rising, Weller tiny house for sale for just $19,000, tiny houses showcased on Yahoo, tiny waterfront cabin, Fairytale tiny cob house, Gypsy wagon in Lyon, France, treehouse in Blue Mountains and lots more. Do you think you could live in a tiny house?

Tiny houses and small house designs are more popular than ever and you will find no end to the amount of designs out there. When it comes to trying to pick one tiny house design you like it can be overwhelming, but don't worry it's normal to like more than one design, the trick is to keep a vision board, or notebook with printouts, sketches, details and ideas that you can look back to, time and time again. In time you will feel yourself being drawn to one design over another. It also helps to talk to other tiny house owners, tiny house builder, watch a tiny house television show, or watch one of the many tiny house videos that you can find on the internet. You might even consider going on a tiny house vacation somewhere in the world, that way you will get a first hand feeling what tiny house life is all about, and what things you would like in your tiny house space, and the things you can do without. With tiny house living being more popular than ever, there has never been a more exciting time to be getting into tiny house living, what you give up on space you definitely will gain in design.

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