It Looks Too Fancy for a Prefab Cabin, Doesn't It? (Click to View Floor Plan.)

It Looks Too Fancy for a Prefab Cabin, Doesn't It? (Click to View Floor Plan.)

The JASMIN 92 is a beautiful example of just how far log home kits have come. This amazing design is suitable for a family to live in comfortably, in a log home design that is modern and appealing. There is a master bedroom with ensuite, a full sized bathroom, two additional bedrooms, a sauna, and an open dining room/living room/kitchen area. Upstairs if a loft space. Outside you have a great contemporary log home design with lots of windows to let in natural light, two verandas and a terrace. You can look at more photos on the site; it's quite nice.

Log home and log cabin designs come in a wide variety of sizes, plans, designs and styles, with a log home kit to suit every lifestyle, budget and need there is. Typically when you think of log cabins, you think of the log cabin down at the lake, rustic and quaint where the family can spend summer holidays and time off in. But today there are more and more log home designs available than ever before. Kontio LogHomes see the log home process from start to finish. They go into the forests select and cut down the trees that they use. The trees are then brought to their factory where they are milled into logs, lumber and wood products for use in their extensive line of log home kits. Kontio has its roots in the northern climate and forests that are close to the Artic Circle, where there is plenty of coniferous trees, lots of lakes, hot summers, and Arctic cold winters. Log homes are a tradition that spans thousands of years in this area of the world. Kontio uses traditional construction skills and this beautiful warm wood to build their log home kits. Kontio in Finnish folklore can also mean bear or The King of Forest.

You will be amazed at the wide array of log home kits Kontio have. They are leaders in what they do and known for good design and chic log home architecture. Their log homes are available around the world. They produce some of the finest log home architecture, with architects from Finland, Spain, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. This is where your log home dreams can begin. The log homes start with the best quality Artic wood, turned into some of the most gorgeous, modern log homes you will find. This log home company is an environmentally friendly company practicing sustainable logging practices and reforestation. Each Kontio log home or log cabin is made in Finland, where it all began.

Did you know that log homes are healthy to live in? Not only do log homes use natural materials that are renewable and better for the environment, but living in a log home is known to have better indoor air quality that is important for healthy living. Many of us spend more than 90 percent of our life indoors. That's a lot. Research shows that Kontio log home and log cabins have an exceptionally high-quality indoor air. That is because logs create a healthy and safe microclimate in a building because they efficiently balance both the moisture and the heat that fluctuates in room air. The Arctic Pine naturally absorbs moisture when the air is too humid, and then releases moisture when the air humidity goes below a good level. Essentially breathing, and allowing you to breathe better. Because the logs breathe that ensure that the air humidity inside your home stays at the optimal range for human health. Another reason we love log homes so much.

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