It Has Insulation, Plumbing and an Electrical Package – and It Costs Only $16,424!

It Has Insulation, Plumbing and an Electrical Package – and It Costs Only $16,424!

This "Log Cottage" is a nice example of what you might choose if you are in need of a log cottage space. You might choose to use this log cottage for full time living, as a guest house or for a vacation home on a lakeside piece of property.

The name of this log cottage is 'Xylia' which is Greek for "of the wood." This is a new log cottage design on the site, and they are made to be delivered easily to any remote Northeastern spots. The size of this log cottage design is 12 feet by 24 feet, for a total size of 288 square feet. The walls of this log cottage, are insulation, and if you added a little wood stove, it would be easy to heat up this tiny log cottage. You could use this log cottage as a nice retreat you could enjoy all year long. If you take a closer look at the photos of this log cottage on the site, you will see that this example has a lovely round stained glass window that makes this log cottage unique, this is an option that you can add to your log cottage prefabricated home.

The log cottage is also available fully assembled to save you the trouble of having to do it yourself, and can be delivered only within the Northeaster U.S. This is because the tiny log cottage is built at the company's manufacturing location. You can choose plenty of options to customize this log cabin to whatever you need. You can even add partitions inside the log cottage so that instead of an open space tiny house log cottage, you will have one bathroom, one bedroom, living area and kitchen area cozy log cabin. You might also choose a solar camp and composting toilet environmentally friendly package; that gives you all the amenities of a traditional home, but allows you to remain off the grid in your log cottage space. You will want to take a closer look on the site to see how other clients have insulated this particular design.

There are plenty of other log cottage, garden sheds, pond houses, log cottages, studios and farmstands to choose. Each prefabricated wooden structure can be customized to suit your needs. You can choose from plumbing, electrical and insulation packages. You might even like to add options such as cupolas, painting, staining, built in storage, decorative arches and flower boxes. Take a look at the site and you will find the prices of the options, and you can consider the sorts of things you would like in a log cottage. You can then get a quote from the company's customer service representatives.

Jamaica Cottage Shop is a good place to start if you are considering some additional space where you live. You might need a backyard office where you can work quietly away from the rest of the house, or you might need a workshop/studio where you can set up your tools. You might be surprised to know that the company also offers log cottages and tiny houses on wheels that you can even live in full time. Whatever it is you need there is sure to be something you will like.

The company is located in Vermont, and most of the log cottages and wooden sheds can be shipped throughout the United States and Canada. The company specializes in post and beam timber frame garden sheds, storage shed and garden shed kits that are highly customizable. You can find options to create your yoga studio, garage, home office of vendors shed. The prefabricated wooden shed kits are all precut, and color coded with a full set of step by step directions to build.

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