Isn't This Little Log Cabin Inviting? What a Charming Interior...

Isn't This Little Log Cabin Inviting? What a Charming Interior...

Isn't This Little Cabin Inviting? Imagine making a log house like this your forever home, or perhaps a little cabin getaway in nature. This little log cabin was posted to Facebook by Sand Creek Post & Beam, a company serving the United States. The company helps people build their own log houses and cabins from designs and plans that they have created over the years. Having been in business since 2004, Sand Creek Post & Beam has built well over 1000 different homes for people all over the United States. If you want to build a log cabin or house of your own, a company like Sand Creek Post & Beam might just be the way to build. The company sells prefab log home building kits to build small log homes like this one, as well as larger homes. Of course, building a smaller log house like this one will be more cost effective and easier to build, but it just depends on what a person needs as far as space and size. It also depends on what the buyer will be using the log house for. If it's for recreational use, small log homes are usually okay, but if it's to live in full time with a large family, then it's wise to consider something larger.

One good rule of thumb for planning a log house design for full time use, is to think about how many bedrooms you want in relation to how many people are in the family. Sometimes kids can share a room and bathroom, but in other families, it's important for kids to have their own private rooms and bathrooms. The clearer you can be on the plan right off the bat, the easier the process will go. People changing their minds during the design process is often what holds up the production of the log home kit. The log home building kits are created from the plans that the technologist and the buyer agree on, and from the plans the pieces and materials are pre cut and labeled so they are easily assembled once at the final destination. To build a log cabin kit, all you need is to be somewhat familiar with construction, but you don't have to be experienced, although it helps if you are, or have someone who is experienced help you. Most people are able to build their own log house themselves, which is so great, and offers people an affordable solution to buying a home.

This small log house shows the use of post and beam structural components being utilized in the build. The posts add so much character to the porch of the home, and also serve as great stabilizers. Imagine hanging some nice plant baskets off of the awning, with some cute chairs out on the porch. It wold make for the perfect little spot to hang out and relax. The interior of the log house is also just as impressive, featuring wood accents on the walls and wooden panelling on the walls. There is a loft in the house, which allows for more bedroom space, and the cathedral ceilings in the living room really open up the space. The cost to build a small log home like this one would start at around $56, 000 US. The log home kits contain all of the materials needed to build the model you order. What is not included is any drywall, if you choose to go with drywall for the walls. The stair and railing package is included however, which is nice. Enjoy looking at more sweet log homes and cabins like this one on the Sand Creek Post & Beam Facebook page.***

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