Is This What You'd Imagine a $94,800 Log House to Be like?

Is This What You'd Imagine a $94,800 Log House to Be like?

This log home kit from Coventry $94,800 is a beautiful log home kits with lots of character. The Summit View log home kit is a chalet style log home kit that has an open concept kitchen/dining/living area with beautiful cathedral ceilings and lots of windows to let in natural light. On the first floor of this log home kit you have the open living room/kitchen/dining area, bathroom and one bedroom. The first floor also has a covered porch and sun deck. On the second floor of t his log home kit there is a balcony overlooking the living area, two bedrooms that have closets, and a bathroom to share. This log home kit starts at $64,750 for a pre-cut log package, to $102,400 for a complete package. This Summit View has 1,377 square feet of living space with two bathrooms and three bedrooms in an open concept design. Open concept designs are a great choice especially when you plan to entertain, as the host never feels separated from the guests.

Choosing a log home kits for sale is just the first step in making your log home dream come true. Once you select a log home kit, you will want to have a site in place where you can build your future log home. Log home kits fit in perfectly in natural surrounding, places that have lots of trees, water, and scenic views. The piece of property that you are going to build your log home kits is one of the most exciting choices you will make. There is also a lot to think about when looking for potential pieces of land. You will want to use a professional Realtor so that any hidden problems can be uncovered. You also want to know if you can build on the land, and what permits are needed. You will want to know the difference between a raw piece of property and one that is developed, and the pros and cons of each. Once you know that you can build on a piece of property, you will then have to think about the view, privacy, convenience and the location of your log home build. When it comes to purchasing your piece of property for your log home build, it should represent approximately 15 to 20 percent of your total budget. A log home kit or log cabin kit can be a great place to use as a vacation home, a vacation place to get away and relax with family and friends. Spending time in a log home close to nature away from your routine is a good opportunity to enjoy yourself both physically and mentally. People who take vacations tend to be happier people overall.

The Summit View log cabin is just one of the log home kits you will find on the "Coventry Log Homes" site. "Coventry Log Homes" has a wide variety of log home kits to choose from. They have five series of log home kits from the Craftsman Series, the Tradesman Series of log homes, the Cabin Series of log home kits, the Recreational Series of log homes, and the Timber Frame Series of log homes. With so many log home options there is something to suit most every budget and lifestyle. Log home kits are one of the greenest options of building types that you can choose. Logs are already a naturally green decision, and the people at "Coventry Log Homes" are passionate about the environment making sure that their log home products come from sustainable sources and well-managed forests. By choosing a log home kit, you are making a choice that is good for your health and your future, something you can feel good about. *

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