Is This Self-Sustainable $23,950 Mini Home the Future of Tiny Home Living?

Is This Self-Sustainable $23,950 Mini Home the Future of Tiny Home Living?

If you are looking to get yourself a tiny home, look at these awesome Alpha Tiny Homes For Sale on the Tiny House For Us website. Building tiny homes is something that is becoming to be very popular these days. People are realizing that they want to get out of the struggle of paying for a mortgage on a house that is too big for them and live a life that is free from stress. A tiny house can certainly do that for you and your family. The tiny home design is a crucial part of the tiny home building journey and needs to be well thought out. Which is why it is so great that there are companies like Alpha Tiny Homes that do all of the tiny home design for you and help people get the tiny home of their dreams. Many people might think that they can just pick out any floor plan and be happy with it, but it is always better to really love the home you are living in, especially when you own it.

For people thinking about building their own mini house, consider the things that you wouldn't be able to live without. For some people that means having a bath tub in their tiny house, or incorporating a washer and a dryer into their tiny home design. There are many ways to incorporate all of the things you want and need into your tiny house build to make it a place where you know you will be happy living for years to come. Tiny home design is about taking what we have and working with it in a creative way. So that means using a lot of the empty space for storage space and utilizing every square inch of the tiny house floor plan. As you will see in the tiny home design ideas from Alpha Tiny Homes, they have incorporated many little areas within the tiny home space.

The size of the mini home you see here is 40 feet long by 8 feet wide by 9.6 feet tall. It has a master bedroom with ample storage space for clothing, as well as a smaller bedroom area for a twin sized bunk bed. A kitchen and shared dining room area with a living room and a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower is all you need to live comfortably. These awesome tiny homes can be fashioned to go off grid with water catchment and solar power. Their unit costs only $23,950 which is less than buying some new vehicles. Imagine having a place to live rent free that is yours to move around as you wish. With 340 square feet of space you could do a lot in this tiny house, the second bedroom area could also be made into an office area where it would be easy to work from home. Once the home is on your property or a property you are renting for a minimal fee, you could set up a deck for it, and enjoy extended space from the interior.

Building tiny homes can be a very exciting and rewarding journey to embark on which is why so many people are choosing to build them. If you don't want to have to go through all of the labor to build your own tiny home which also means sourcing out all of the materials yourself, then you would be wise to buy a prebuilt tiny house like this one from Alpha Tiny Homes. Buying your tiny home already made saves a lot of stress in the long run and means that you and your family will have a house that is ready to move into when it is done. Check out more of the designs that Alpha Tiny Homes has on the Tiny House For Us website and get inspired by the amazing tiny house designs that are out there. Maybe you will find one that you could see yourself living in.*

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