Is This Better than Living in a Mansion or What?

Is This Better than Living in a Mansion or What?

The Swallowtail Treehouse will take you back to your youth and the fun outdoor activities you used to play everyday. When life gets busy, the best thing we can do is make some time to play. In fact, we should be making some time in every day for some play or some fun outdoor activities. Whether its doing one of the hobbies that you love like painting or drawing or creating music. Or going to play a sport outside like basketball or tennis. Or maybe its taking time to watch a good movie or read a good book. The important thing is that we all give our minds and our bodies the chance to unwind and not be serious. This is the one thing that can dramatically change a person's life by not actually having to change a thing. You simply find something you like to do that you consider fun and you do it to bring yourself joy. When we live in a way that brings us joy we are less likely to be stressed out and depressed, and we tend to have more authentic connections with people by just being ourselves.

One of the fun outdoor activities many of us probably remember from childhood is that favourite play house or tree house that we would play in and enjoy moments in. You may remember your parents building it for you, and maybe you even got to help out in the building process. You might have even been able to decorate it with your own special creative flare and put up pictures that you and your friends drew. It was like your own little special haven in your yard where you could hang out with your friends and play. Why does building your own house have to be any different? Who says houses always have to be on the ground anyway? This is what the Swallowtail Treehouse is all about, a tiny house design that is all the way up in a tree top is about as unconventional as you can get.

This treehouse is so awesome, and has so much space inside even though it may look small from the outside. That is the beauty of tiny house design, you can really play around with the interior space you have and make it work for you. When you build your own tiny house you will find out that making use of every square inch of the house is very important and it can sometimes maybe feel like playing a game of Tetris when you are trying to fit everything in. But what tiny house designs show us is that anything is possible when it comes to building your own tiny house.

The Swallowtail tiny house doesn't look like much more than a child's playhouse from the outside, but on the inside you will see that it is fully furnished and liveable. It features a really cozy sleeping loft that is accessible by ladder, and a super cozy living room with a full sized couch to lounge on with a good book. Medium sized windows allow in plenty of light since there are practically windows on every wall in the tiny house design, which allows the space to feel a lot more spacious than it is. Plus, the high ceilings also help with that. Chances are your childhood treehouse didn't have a bathroom with a working toilet and shower either. But this awesome treehouse does have both of these things. The Swallowtail Treehouse is built in Petaluma, California in a eucalyptus tree and is able to be rented out on Air Bnb which is an online service that allows people to post their home as an accommodation and for travellers to rent it out. Check out the Swallowtail Tiny Treehouse for yourself.*

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