Is This A Log Cabin Or A Dining Hall!?

Is This A Log Cabin Or A Dining Hall!?

Wow! Interior Design can encompass so much personality, it can be brave and bold or easy breezy with subtle nuances. This collection of photographs gives a glimpse into some trendy design options that you may want to consider. Perhaps you've been living in a vanilla box for too long, and it's time to step out. Or quite the contrary, has that orange wall been screaming for a coat of beige? Wherever you are in your design journey, now is the time to make it your own.

Westcoast contemporary is a favorite of mine and is current with today's trends. The nostalgic charm and warmth of real wood beams exudes a live elegance that's hard to match. Pair this warmth with metal components such as stainless steel or even a brightly polished chrome, and you've got something magical. Loft spaces tend to naturally inspire a west coast contemporary flair, their high ceilings and existing metal fixings seem ideal.

Across the country many design firms exist, and they each have so much to offer clients. Take the time to interview your prospective designer as you would any other important relationship.

In a time when resources are so readily available we have many design options at our fingertips. Begin your research online and find components that speak to you, often what you can find on the internet is potentially more unique than purchasing in store inventory. Another movement that is gaining popularity over the past few years is that of reclaiming vintage products. Taking a used, unloved product and turning it into something spectacular with nothing more than a coat of paint and some love evokes a creative elegance that is very special.

So, do you know what your ideal interior design would be? If not, it's time to do some research and begin the adventure online!

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