Is $9,548 Too Much for a Classy Sanctuary?

Is $9,548 Too Much for a Classy Sanctuary?

It is easy to fall in love with this "Log Cottage," the photo shows a weathered version of the prefabricated log cottage kit that you can buy, and it's nice to see what even the elements can do, to this charming cottage that you could use for so many things. The log cottage you see in the photo is surrounded by forest, and it looks like the first snow has fallen, making it easy to imagine being there inside of this cozy log cottage space.

This log cottage is a prefabricated kit that you can purchase and custom design to suit your individual needs, and it was built by the Jamaica Cottage Shop. The log cottage in the photos was originally built and designed to be used a playhouse for a young child in the state of Pennsylvania. It's always nice to hear the personal stories of the log cabins and the log cottages that you see, as you alway imagine what it might be used for, and the fact that this log cottage was designed for a child as a playhouse makes the story even better.

The playhouse log cottage was a joint effort design by both the staff at the Jamaica Cottage Shop and the client. You will find six windows, and a door with windows to fill this adorable tiny log cottage with lots of natural light. You could use this charming log cottage for all sorts of things from a peaceful retreat away from your main house, a studio to paint in, or a garden shed where you can enjoy some productive time alone. The log cottage exudes a certain charm, and anyone who sees it will feel immediately at home.

The log cottages, storage sheds, wood sheds, utility enclosures and garden sheds that you will find on this site are well built out of the best Vermont lumber, made to be durable and handcrafted for long life.

The best part about these tiny log cottages is that they can be custom built to fit anything you need. You can choose from plumbing, insulation, and electrical packages. You can also choose what sort of siding, flooring, doors and windows the log cottage will have. The company offers 14 choices of colored roofs for some of the wooden building they make, with colors like matte black, ash gray, charcoal and Roman Blue to choose. It's easy to imagine your tiny log cottage in the finishes and designs that you choose. You can even add a round piece of stain glass to your log cottage design as seen in the photo sample. The company offers a stained glass roundel window to add to your design.

Some of the other custom roof features you might choose include the Western Red Cedar Shingles/Shakes, Asphalt Shingles, Vermont Quarried Slate, and Architectural Asphalt Shingles. For the siding, there are pine clapboard, Ship Lapped Pine, and Western Red Cedar Clapboard options.

It's fun to take a look at this site and imagine all the things you could use some of these log cottages for. Perhaps you need a backyard office or a place where you can write. Or maybe you need a farm stand or vendor booth for the business you are starting up, a sugar shack or some animal storage for your farm. Whatever needs you have in the way of extra space, there is sure to be a log cottage design or wooden shed that can suit your needs.

Do you need some extra space on your property, possibly a playhouse or a garden shed, or workshop space? The wooden buildings and designs you will find on this site, will have your imagination wondering off to a world of possibilities.

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