Is $16,400 Too Much for a Comfy Log Cabin? (Click to View Floor Plans.)

Is $16,400 Too Much for a Comfy Log Cabin? (Click to View Floor Plans.)

Now here is a great deal for a Two-Room Cabin Kit from $16,400, you can View Photos of this Two Room Kabin, on the Prairie Kraft Specialties web page and see what a great cabin it truly is. Cabins can get to be fairly expensive, but when you buy a log cabin kit instead of building from scratch and sourcing your own materials, a log cabin can be quite affordable. Like the cabin you see here for only $16, 400 as a starting price. It is crucial to research different cabins so you can get an idea of the different options and the different prices available in your region.

All of the cabin kits supplied by Prairie Kraft Specialties, come with pure, high-quality Douglas Fir wood, used throughout the cabin. The Douglas Fir is one of the most sought after types of wood to be used in building projects, as it is the most stable and durable types of wood. This type of wood is also known for it's high workability, and it's ability to dry quickly without the tendency to warp or become disfigured. The Douglas Fir tree can grow to be up to 85 meters high, giving manufactures a lot of wood to work with with just one tree. There are plantations and mills for this type of tree in Canada on the West Coast and the Interior of British Columbia where it is exported or used locally.

The outstanding, yet simple beauty of the cabin is able to be seen in the photos on the web page. You will notice how nice of a colour the wood is, giving the cabin a beautiful, natural looking glow. The wonderful porch on the cabin consists of the Douglas Fir wood and extends the space of the home out into the great outdoors. As you will see in one of the photos, a customer has placed their Two Room Kabin right on the water, so that the porch is overlooking the lake. This would make for a superb view wouldn't it? This particular cabin also includes a porch swing and a bench which would be lovely to sit out on, making the porch ready to be used. Upon entering the cabin there is room enough for a double bed and some tables, and then there is a separate room for another bed so that there can be some privacy between guests. There is no bathroom with this cabin, though, but one may be able to be added on if you customize the cabin.

A great aspect of these kits from Prairie Kraft Specialties, is that they include all of the furniture needed for the cabin, with some additional add on options, like air conditioning, or a fire place. You can choose from a futon, a bunk bed or double beds as the choices, which would each be enough to accommodate two people. So this cabin would be able to accommodate up to four people comfortably. Many times, these are the types of cabins that you would see at a camp ground, to be rented out. But also, people use these for personal recreational cabins, to use for a vacation getaway, or even as a hunting cabin. When all you need is a place to eat and sleep, a cabin of this kind would be perfect to accommodate simpler needs. Prairie Kraft Specialties has been in the cabin building business for over 30 years, and has had experience building cabins for some of the most well known KOA campgrounds in the United States, Canada, Mexico and in Japan. They have some beautiful, affordable and efficient cabins which kits can be purchased for. Make sure you take a look at them all including this one.

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