Inverness Bathhouse

Inverness Bathhouse

When an architect has a vision of what they are hoping to achieve with a structure, how it will tie in with the location, it's surrounding such as other buildings on the site, the landscape, and what the owner is going for, it's amazing when that is achieved. This "Inverness Bathhouse" does exactly that, this summer vacation building is perfect in every way and fits into its environment naturally.

This lovely Inverness Bathhouse, located in the Pt. Reyes peninsula along the Northern California coast, is somewhat small at 260 square feet, but it feels spacious and does what it set out to do. The building was designed to support a large group of children for a yearly family summer camp. The location of the building is set among a cluster of farm buildings and is meant to blend in with the pastoral dairy farm. The bathhouse provides welcoming and comfortable amenities for the kids staying in the tent platforms and sleeping quarters. The design concept embraces a fun, whimsical and practical look that ties in perfectly with the rural quality and landscape of the property.

Some of the materials used were non corrosive and wear resistant material, including sheet metal, sealed board and batt siding, painted plywood and MDO board. The covered wraparound porch is perfect for sunny day, and the use of lots of white on both the exterior and interior of the bathhouse gives a fresh, spacious feeling to the place. The red sheet metal roof, goes well with the white, and the large galvanized planters provide pleasant house escaping. This is without a doubt the most beautiful bathhouse I have seen, this takes the summer vacation to a whole new level, and the kids who get to use it, are very lucky. There are lots of great photos on the website to enjoy this lovely place.

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