Introducing the Barndominium: An Old-Meets-New 'Barn with Living Quarters' House

Introducing the Barndominium: An Old-Meets-New 'Barn with Living Quarters' House

The history of architecture is really quite intriguing. It is interesting to see how architecture has changed over the centuries, and how culture can have such a profound effect on the buildings in which we choose as shelter. Take, for instance, the barndominium, which is a portmanteau of barn and condominium. This new type of architecture is becoming increasingly popular, especially within equestrian communities in rural areas of the United States. The term, although relatively new, is used interchangeably with terms such as barn house or barn with living quarters and offer unusual features typically not found on conventional homes, such as oversized barn doors and enclosed areas large enough to hold things like recreational vehicles or even large livestock, such as horses. This Great Plains Gambrel Western Barn Home is a great example of old meeting new.

Although house barns are considered a new type of architecture and many of the structures we see being built today are quite unlike any other existing designs house barns have actually been built since prehistoric times when people discovered that body heat from their animals could help warm human living areas. This type of architecture prevailed in Europe until it fell out of popularity during the 19th century. Now there exist several types of house barns: one style is where the barn merely shares a wall with the house; sometimes the house will extend into part of the loft in the second story of the barn, and; another style features a barn in the lower portion while the house or apartment is on the second floor. And sometimes, people just want a big house, like barn big, that looks like a barn, much like this Great Plains Gambrel Western Barn Home.

The Great Plains Gambrel Western Barn Home, built by Sand Creek Post & Beam, is a large 46 by 48 barn home that has been customized with a cupola and open covered porch. It features the beauty of post-and-beam timber frame construction with ceilings that extend upward to the second story. This barn home is completely barn-themed, right down to the built-in bedroom furniture which features a bed that looks as if it is resting on two large wooden crates.

Sand Creek Post & Beam is a family-owned and operated company located in the heart of rural Nebraska. They focus on post-and-beam construction and draw from historic designs to give their customers a truly authentic, rustic wooden barn home experience (they also build wooden barns that are actually for the animals!). Literally thousands of customers throughout 48 states, as well as several Canadian provinces, have seen their dream homes erected in the form of full-time residential barns. The soaring wood ceilings coupled with exposed post-and-beam frames are more than just beautiful theyre also strong and versatile. The barn homes built by Sand Creek Post & Beam are both rustic and dignified and provide the perfect blend of strength, style and value. The Great Plains Gambrel Western Barn Home is conveniently located in Nebraska, near the home base for Sand Creek Post & Beam. If you are in the market for a barn house, or even just contemplating one, then this is a must-see as it is a perfect example of luxury barn living, and while youre doing a drive-by, you may as well stop in to see the friendly folks at Sand Creek Post & Beam to discuss how they can help make your dreams a reality.

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