Install Your Own Off The Grid Well

Install Your Own Off The Grid Well

When you want to go off grid you have to consider a few things, like where are you going to get water, for starters. Well here is a post that shows you exactly how to Install Your Own Off The Grid Well! Many properties don't have water wells installed yet, so you either have to pay a few thousand dollars to get it done, for example, in this post, the author claims that he found out it was going to cost him $5000 to get a well installed. Which is why he took things into his own hands and decided to do a little DIY.

Wells have been dug and drilled for a long time, and people in the early ages used to dig them themselves. Even if there isn't a river or a lake or creek on your property, there is water running all underneath the ground beneath us. Even in the cities. They are little channels of water that run underground and you can pick them up by dowsing with two rods that move according to frequency. The rods can pick up these under ground channels of water! There are more technical ways to find a well, as this post describes though.

The link you will be lead to through this post on Living Green And Frugally, will go in depth on how to prepare and dig or drill a well and all of the steps and precautions you need to take to safely and effectively be able to do this. There are great illustrations showing the drill and the different chambers and parts to it. There is even a great informative video of how this is done too. It's crucial that you follow the proper protocol and get the proper permits for your specific area too, so make sure you do all of the right research. This is a great place to start though! Head on over to 'Living Green And Frugally' by clicking the link in the description below for more!

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