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The Best Tiny HomesThat Make Simple Living Stylish

Tiny homes and small homes have been gaining in popularity over the last few years, with more designs, styles and plans than ever before. "The best tiny houses to simplify your life," is just a glimp ... read more

A Beautiful And Cozy Tree Fort Cabin You Can Actually Live In!

With all the tiny houses being built all over the country, it's nice to hear some of the inspiring stories that go along with these unique home. If you enjoy tiny house stories, you'll want to take a ... read more

Beauer 3X Camper Telescopes to Three Times its Size in 20 Seconds Flat

You will want to take a closer look at the Beauer 3X Camper Telescopes to Three Times its Size in 20 Seconds Flat. This amazing small house design caravan gives a whole new meaning to teardrop camper ... read more

There Is Something Very Bookish about This Tiny Home, and You'll Be Awed by It

You will want to take a closer look at this Stone Thoreau Cabin Replica a charming 150 square foot small house design located in New Hampshire. Henry David Thoreau 1817 to 1862 was an American author, ... read more

Your Perception of Tiny Homes Will Change Forever After You See This

Have a look at this awesome tiny house design from Tiny House Listings. This 28ft Customized Loft Edition is a tiny house on wheels from Tiny Living Limited company from Delta, British Columbia in Ca ... read more

Tiny Home with Beautiful Loft, Kitchen, Bathroom and Shower, Cabinets, Shelves, and More

Have you been dreaming of living in a tiny house on wheels? Check out this Tiny Home with Beautiful Loft, Kitchen, Bathroom and Shower, Cabinets, Shelves, and More from Sunset Tiny Homes company. I ... read more

They Turned Some Rusty Old Cottages Into Something Epic, You Can't Miss It!

If you like tiny house living then you'll want to see "A Matched Pair Of Cozy Stone Cottages," they fit in perfectly with their natural surroundings, and inside they feel light and spacious. The wond ... read more

A Sustainable Tiny House For A Happy Childhood, Wanna See?

If you are new to learning about tiny homes, you may be interested in this tiny home called Larkspur: and How to Live in a Tiny House with Kids. If you don't know too much about log homes yet, you mi ... read more

How To Build A Beautiful Cabin (In 3 Days) For JUST $5,000.00

You will want to know how to build a beautiful cabin (In 3 Days) for JUST $5,000.00. So, you recently bought a nice piece of land, or maybe you a spare lot in your current property. One way of living ... read more

Think Your Home's Impressive? This Log Home Has A Sauna

You will love this "Small Log Cabin in Russian" setting. This beautiful tiny home is a two storey log cabin home, that has two loft style bedrooms on the second floor, and there is also a downstairs ... read more

How To Save Money Building A Just-Gorgeous Home

You will fall in love with the Bertsch Leisure 9.5m x 6.5m small house design. Designing a small house is just the start of having a small house design that you can use for all sorts of things from a ... read more

Now You Can Have Your Own Minecraft Home!

This one of a kind "Elevated Off-Grid Tiny House with Live Plant Siding" looks like a treehouse from the outside, and has a cozy interior living space you'll love. This unique tiny house is by Elevat ... read more

A Tiny Hut On Stilts That Looks Like It's Taken From A Fantasy Tale!

Perhaps you've longed to own a little cabin in the woods but you also desire something different, something more unique than every other cabin. This Tiny Hut on Stilts may be exactly what you've been ... read more

A Versatile And Practical Tiny Home That Can Be Built In A Short Time

Never before have there been so many small home and tiny home styles and designs to choose from. All over the world people are getting excited at the popular movement, and designers are coming up with ... read more

This Simple Home Looks Like The Perfect Place To Spend Your Summer Vacations

The Bertsch Leisure Log Cabin With 5.82 m x 5.75 m Footprint is a charming tiny houses design you will love. This tiny cabin designs is made with tongue and grooved Nordic spruce that can be painted f ... read more

Wow, Wow, Wow! We Simply CAN’T Get Over The Cuteness Of These Tiny Little Houses…

This "Antique Charming Tiny House" is just one of the cutest tiny house rentals you will find on the list of tiny house rentals in every single state. With this photo list of 50 tiny house spaces acr ... read more

Who Wouldn't Want an Adorable Tiny Home Retreat on a Secluded Island?

You will want to take a look at VASHON CABIN, a rustic 384 square feet cabin clad in cedar in Vashon, Washington. This lovely tiny house design is set in the ideal location surrounded by trees whereve ... read more

These Tiny Houses Were Designed to Revolutionize Shared Living

The Llano Exit Strategy are several 350 square foot tiny house designs with shared facilities located in Llano, Texas. These four tiny home designs have views of the river and share a common gourmet ... read more

Earthquake Resistant, Self-Sufficient Sanctuary By The Seaside

I have always wanted a coastal sanctuary, a place on the sea of my very own I could retreat to. Who doesn’t dream of owning a seaside retreat? Sunshine, warm sandy beaches, mellow waves. It sounds lik ... read more

S-House 2: Prototype For Inexpensive Shelter Houses Against Typhoons

Natural calamities are most often prevalent in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Japan, and the Philippines. Third-world countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines suffer explicit hardsh ... read more

Stay At One Of The Tiny Beach Houses For The Ultimate Experience

Imagine staying in one of these "Colorful Tiny House Community By The Beach," tiny house cabins! With a beach side location, these cute tiny cabins would be the ideal vacation to get plenty of rest a ... read more

This House Is Shpaed Like A Cylinder And Rolls From The Inside! You Can´t Miss It!

Tiny houses have never been as popular as they are today with a variety of styles, plans, sizes and designs to choose from. You'll want to take a look at this "Tiny House That’s Flexible And Versatil ... read more

Highly Efficient Plans For Small Contemporary Homes

This stunning "Ultra Modern Small House Plans" offers up a unique tiny house design in a style that can't be missed. This one storey tiny house design raises the bar when it comes to tiny house desig ... read more

550 Sq. Ft. Efficiently Designed Prefab Timber Cabin To Lookout For!

It seems like every day we are introduced to another modern and more efficient way to build a dream home. Like this 550 Sq. Ft. Efficiently Designed Prefab Timber Cabin To Lookout For! Ranging from ma ... read more

This Beautiful And Tiny $6800 Wood House Will Free You From Bills!

This beautiful and tiny $6800 wood house will free you from bills! Log home designs, log cottage designs and log chalets have always been popular types of homes with a variety of styles, plans, design ... read more

Check Out This Uniquely Amazing Stained Glass House!

There are so many tiny homes and small house designs, styles and plans all over the world, some tiny homes are used to live in, while others make the perfect spot for an artist studio, or to be used a ... read more

Ideas To Utilize Space When Building A Cottage

These four plans show different approaches to the design of the small vacation home, from cottage to cabin or vice-versa! Plan 889-1 is a tiny cottage that's a combo kitchen/bathroom with a storage ... read more

You Thought Your Home Was Awesome? (This One's Made Of BOTTLES!)

There are so many unique houses in the world, and there are some we may not even know about yet. But we do know about a very cool and unique house in Canada, This tiny house is made of GLASS BOTTLES! ... read more

How To Get Zoning Passes For Your Tiny Cabin

The tiny house movement is growing more and more all the time! But with all of this movement people are still asking How Do I Get Zoning Passed for Tiny Houses in my Area? This is a loaded question fo ... read more

Millionaire Saunas That Don't Cost A Million Bucks

You will want to take a closer look at this MUST See Dream-Like Interior! This beautifully sculpted wooden tiny house space is a gorgeous Grotto sauna, located on private San Souci Island in Toronto, ... read more
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