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Your Dream Tiny Home: It May Be Small, But It Certainly Doesn't Scrimp On Space!

Tiny house living has been gaining in popularity over the last several years, with more design, styles and plans than ever before. This article on how "A Family of 3 Can Live In This Tiny House! Take ... read more

This fairytale treehouse is all is Equipped with a Jacuzzi and Sauna. Unbelievable!

ďAll my life, Iíve always wanted to stay in a fairytale-like house.Ē Sweet Pea, Iím your fairy Godmother. And Iím here to make all your dreams come true. Do you want a fairytale like vacation? Why not ... read more

This Tiny House Is Absolutely Delightful! And The Best Part? It's Super Easy So You Can Build It Yourself!

This Tiny House Is Absolutely Delightful! And The Best Part? It's Super Easy, So You Can Build It Yourself! The small house design is more popular than ever, with a variety of unique styles, plans, si ... read more

The Stuff Of Dreams: Imagine Enjoying A Romantic Honeymoon In This Exquisite Wooden Tiny Home!

Tiny house living is more popular than ever, with tiny houses popping up all over the world, and it's no wonder with all the unique designs, styles and plans that are available. If you like tiny hous ... read more

Ah, The Countless Joys Of Living In A Tiny Home On Wheels!

At some point or another in life, you just have to take a hold of your dreams and go for what you want by any means possible! This is exactly how a couple who designed and built this Wind River Bunga ... read more

Elegance, Thy Name Is Simplicity! These Small Houses May Be Minimalistic In Design, But They Are Still Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous...

Sometimes we do not need to have so many things going on to make a home look special. Less is more and the simpler it is designed, the more appealing it sometimes becomes. But just because it was made ... read more

If Youíre A Dreamer And Are Obsessed With Fantasy Worlds, Then This Magical Tiny House Set In An Enchanted Forest Is Perfect For You!

If you grew up with fairy tales, then your knowledge of an enchanted forest is vast. A place of wonderment and magical animals, plants, rocks and creeks. Be it spells, elves, gnomes, and trolls - en ... read more

Tucked Away In Quiet, Shady Street, This Incredibly Spacious Tiny Home Is Utterly Impossible To Resist!

Tucked Away In Quiet, Shady Street, This Incredibly Spacious Tiny Home Is Utterly Impossible To Resist! Here are a darling tiny cabin designs that are a 700 square foot Historic tiny houses design. Th ... read more

This Gorgeous Tiny Home Integrates Both The Exotic Beauty Of Bali And All The Modern Comfort The Discerning Traveler Demands

Wow, this White Elephant tiny house is fabulous. If you need any inspiration for a tiny house project, then it's best that you read on. There are so many tiny housing projects now that will push you ... read more

This Beautiful Log Home Proves Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That Creativity Has No Limits...

You'll want to read this story about how "An L.A Artist Built A House with Salvaged Materials Without Her Eyesight". It's an inspiring story that goes to show anything is possible if you set your min ... read more

This Log Cabin Surrounded By Lush Greenery Might Just Be The Nicest Holiday Retreat You've Ever Stayed In...

There is something about this tiny "Cabin Title 55" that feels a bit like Christmas. It's easy to imagine lots of snow covering the tiny log cabin with its red roof and covered porch, surrounded by e ... read more

What A Perfect Holiday Dwelling: A Rustic Log Cabin With A Sleek Wooden Design, Hanging Flowerpots And A Quaint, Shady Porch!

This tiny log "Cabin Title 56" with its hanging flower baskets and front covered porch is the perfect rustic log cabin to spend your summers in and to grow lots of gardens, and spend time away from th ... read more

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Adrenaline Junkies Will Love This Incredible Skylodge Perched Precariously Against A 400-Foot Cliff...

It seems like everyday there's a new article with awesome photos boasting how someone designed something totally revolutionary for a home. Now I've seen my share of awesome and incredible homes, espec ... read more

Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Vacation By Staying In These Eye-Popping Wagonettes

Are you looking for a unique yet cozy accommodation? Then you might find these colourful wagonettes as the perfect choice. Ideal for up to four persons, these wagonettes are uniquely designed for Camp ... read more

What A Perfect Tiny Home On Wheels! And The Best Part? It Won't Even Drain Your Pockets!

Would you like to own your own house but don't think you have enough to buy or mortgage one? Look no further than this Cute Little Home on Wheels! Of course, you would have to be comfortable with ... read more

A Charming Tiny Home With A Tower? YES, PLEASE!

You'll want to see this Tiny Cottage with Tower and Surrounding Deck that's designed to be a rich kid's playhouse, but could be lived in by those who just want to live simply. This miniature lighthous ... read more

This Whimsical Small Home Evokes Images Of Epic Fairytales And Medieval Castles...

Every girl's dream is to be a princess, no doubt. Even when they're all grown-up with red lipstick on and a Prada suit, there is no denying that the fairytale dream is still within the desires of thei ... read more

Imagine Spending Lazy Weekends At This Intricately Designed Tiny House...

"A Contemporary Wooden Cottage By Prodesi" faces the Sazava River in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. This tiny house was built with the intention to serve as a weekend and summer v ... read more

Whatís NOT To Like About This Beautiful Tiny Home?? The Sunny Rooftop Terrace Is Simply Fab!

Whatís NOT To Like About This Beautiful Tiny Home?? The Sunny Rooftop Terrace Is Simply Fab! This tiny house on wheels with Rooftop Terrace is stunning; you won't believe it's tiny home interior desig ... read more

A Quirky, Barn-Style Tiny Home Featuring A Pool Table And A Sauna? Yes, Please!

You'll want to take a look at this Cabin Title 113, a charming and cozy tiny house barn located in Russia, and available to rent off of Airbnb. This tiny barn would be a great place to spend a tiny ho ... read more

Whatís This? Why, Itís $7,950 Worth Of Tiny Home Perfection!

You'll want to take a look at this tiny house the "COCO $7950," tiny house living has never been so affordable. Tiny house living is more popular than ever, with a variety of styles, plans, designs a ... read more

This Stunning Tiny Home Is Designed To Blend In With The Beauty Of Mother Nature

This "SHINGLE COVE CAMP" located on the shoreline of Sebago Lake, Maine is beautiful, with lots of natural materials used that make it blend in perfectly with its natural surroundings of trees, the fo ... read more

Want To Know The Most Fun Thing To Do This Summer? Spending Long And Lazy Days Lounging On A Floating Boat-Cum-Log Home!

This tiny house is the "Most Fun Floating Tiny House Ever!" Could you imagine having a tiny floating house like this as a kid? You could easily spend your whole summer on a tiny home like this, it's ... read more

The Perfect Way To Utilize Unused Space: Concert It Into A Lush Log Home!

When the children grow up and move out, many times parents are left with an empty space that was previously filled with their children and the children's belongings. What do you do with that now empty ... read more

This Old Bluebird Bus Was Turned Into A Comfy Liveable Mobile Home And It's Amazing

Tiny homes and small houses are more popular than ever before, with yurts, cob cottages, beach shacks, prefab tiny homes, modular homes and off grid designs, styles and plans being designed and lived ... read more

Get Inspired By This Small But Versatile Home In Copenhagen

Houses these days differ in designs, structures, and sizes, of course. Wealthy people usually go for bigger houses, no matter if they have lower or higher number of family members. Well, you cannot bl ... read more

This Thatched Tiny Home Is Anything but Modest

This Thatched Cottage in the Coastal Dunes by the North Sea is a beautiful tiny house design that is located in Sondervig, which is a beach town on the west coast of Jutland (mainland Denmark). This l ... read more

10 Amazing Houses Made Of Dirt And Straw That Will Leave You Speechless

There are many ways in which to build the house of your dreams, with so many shapes,styles, prefab kits, log cabin kits, log house kits, tiny houses, small houses, yurts, and straw bale houses to name ... read more

An Epic Treehouse For Adults That Brings Back Mgical Childhood Memories

When I was growing up I always wished that I could be like Tarzan, swinging from vine to vine in the forest, and living in a giant treehouse of my very own. This Italian apartment building seems to be ... read more

A Modern Cottage, Cleverly Designed That Looks And Feels Amazing

Summer is the perfect time to explore new places of getaway with your family and friends. Once in a while, you would want to take some time off from your usual lifestyle, especially when you live in t ... read more
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