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Little Piece of Happiness

Imagine living or staying in a tiny house design like this Little Piece of Happiness. It goes to show that the size of a place isn't always what matters the most, it's often the location that sets a p ... read more

Take A Wild Trip Through 5 Terrific Tiny Homes On MOVING Wheels!

Are you on for another different ride? “Yes, I am!” Well, the ‘different ride’ that I’m talking here is the tiny houses… on wheels, baby! “Tiny houses on wheels? I would love to!” Go anywhere you want ... read more

Tiny Home Vacation To Reap Luxury's Sweet Rewards? Heck Yes!

This "Luxurious Small Home" will have you dreaming of a tiny house vacation home of your own. This tiny house vacation home is gorgeous to say the least. The outdoor pool and surrounding patio space a ... read more

You Can Only Imagine The Stories Of These Ancient Log Homes

The photo of abandoned cabins in Patagonia conjures up imagery of simple, rustic, and potentially difficult living for those once stationed there to live. Who once lived by the water? Were the cabins ... read more

How A 14 Year Old Super-Genius Designed A Tiny Home For $10k

Each tiny house is a reflection of the owners personality and preferences, the builders expertise and craftsmanship, and of course each tiny house has a unique story of its own, of just how it came to ... read more

These Ark Houses Are Buoyant, Waterproof, And Can Double As BOATS!

Custom Tiny House Ark – the name says it all. Well, sort of. You know, to be honest, when I came across this article, replete with photos of the little ‘house ark’ trailers made by Zyl Vardos, there w ... read more

This Steampunk-Inspired Trailer That's BEYOND Wicked Cool

I've always considered the Steam Punk niche to be pretty fascinating. Partly it's fascinating because it seems so inexplicable. Where did it even come from? Why did it catch on? Why is it so appealing ... read more

The REAL Reason Why Beautiful Tiny Homes Are Storming The Internet...

Tiny home and small home living is more popular than ever, with all sorts of small home options from victorian gingerbread cottages to minimalist Japanese houses, rustic cabins to hand crafted cob cot ... read more

Bringing It All Back Home: This Sleek, Sexy, Chic (AND Affordable!) Tiny Home

A recent obsession of mine has been looking at tiny and small home places, that can include cabins, airstream trailers, yurts, small home builds and the list goes on. All over North America people ar ... read more

Twelve Beautiful Tiny Homes That PROVE Why You Need To Consider Buying a Tiny Home

Tiny homes just make so much sense. They’re eco-friendly, cheaper to build, and so much easier to keep clean! Not only that, but they can be so elegant in their simplicity. Thinking of going small? ... read more

From Living For Ten Years On Camping Grounds To Their Tiny Home Dreams...

There are many different reasons people decide to downsize and live in a small house, tiny house, micro house, or small cabin, reasons vary for every situation and person or family. The following sto ... read more

At Last, You Can Make Your Tiny Home Dreams Come True!

You can make your tiny home dreams come true with these ePlans Tiny Home 168! This tiny cottage has two bathrooms, and a living area of 923 square feet, in a stunning tiny house plan you will love. Th ... read more

This Off-Grid Tiny House Meshes Luxurious Vacation And Space-Efficiency

Tiny house off grid living is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint, save money and simplify your life to the things that matter, tiny house living allows people to live a life with the thin ... read more

If YOU Don't Buy This Brando-Cool Of Log Homes, I'll Buy It Myself!

Tiny houses and small houses are popping up all over the world, often evoking a feeling of comfort and security that larger houses sometimes lack. This "Artistic, Creative, Inspired - Ms. Gypsy Soul' ... read more

Neat Tricks To Help You Live Life's Luxuries (Completely Off The Grid!)

Wouldn't it be awesome to live in your dream environment?! Take some inspiration from this post, How to Really Live! Wayne Adams and Catherine King a couple from Vancouver Island in British Columbia i ... read more

Comfort, Ease, Affordability AND Style...All Packed Into One Adorable Tiny Home Package!

Tiny homes are about more than just being affordable and easy to keep up. This adorable Tiny Schoolhouse shows that tiny houses can pack a load of style into a cozy cabin space. This little home total ... read more

Fairytale Or Reality? These Adorable Tiny Homes Are Fit For A Hobbit...Or Someone With A Strong Sense Of Adventure!

Interested in the more fairy tale like looking homes and structures? Check out An Interview with The Wooden Wonders Crew (Homemade Tiny Hobbit Houses) done by Deek over at his Tiny House centered webs ... read more

Pickle Barrel House: Definitely One Of The Most Unusual Small Homes You've Ever Laid Eyes On!

There are plenty of amazing homes in the world, but none can compete with this strange, yet neat Pickle Barrel House. Yes, that is right, it is a house that looks like a pickle barrel. But once you se ... read more

This Sweet, Tiny Cabin May Seem A Bit Hotchpotch, But It's Full Of Warmth And Liveliness...

This "Tiny Cabin In The Netherlands" is called the Goffertpark Cabin, and it feels like a studio with its open floor plan. The open space area has a living area, bedroom and kitchenette all in one ro ... read more

Stepping Inside This Cute Small Home Is Like Entering A Fairytale World

This "Enchanting Little House," is so cute, its like something out of a fairytale, with it's upper tiny window patio, lower main floor porch, stone walkway and treed surroundings. This looks like the ... read more

Am I Seeing Things Or Is That Really An Upside-Down Church? Ah, Actually That’s Proof Of The Fact That Creativity Has No Bounds!

Art has no boundaries and it is a medium for expressing what needs to be said. This Inverted Church was made by artist Dennis Oppenheim, in 1997, and was displayed on a waterfront park in Vancouver in ... read more

Tea, Anyone? The World Is Full Of Oddities, But Imagine Living In A Tiny, Teapot-Shaped House!

There are so many odd houses built over the years and today we would like to share with you this one that is not only unusual, but it’s also controversial. Today, we’re featuring the Teapot Dome. It w ... read more

That’s What Dreams Are Made Of: Picture Yourself Living In A Cute, Eco-Friendly Tiny Home!

These Charming little Hot Houses were built as bathhouses, in Latvia. The little bathhouses are called pritis / saunas and are an important part of the Latvian culture. The Latvian people believe saun ... read more

What With Innovative Micro Apartments And Stylish Tiny Houses, Scaled-Down Living Has Never Seemed More Attractive!

Are tiny houses and micro-apartments the future of urban homes? That’s what this recent article in “The Guardian” addresses, and it’s looking like the answer could well be a resounding yes! At le ... read more

Move Over, Big Villas! Tiny Mobile Houses Are Capturing Homeowners’ Attention Left, Right And Center!

Never have there been so many "Amazing Mobile Homes," then there are today, with a mobile home to suit just about everyone. Mobile homes come in a variety of styles, plans, sizes and designs. The ... read more

A Lovely Tiny House On Wheels That You Can Take Wherever You Go

Have you ever wondered how you could get the perfect tiny house for a truly tiny amount of money? This incredible, just finished tiny house on wheels showcases some of the best features of tiny houses ... read more

Micro Liveable Homes For A Simpler Lifestyle, Sounds Good Huh?

Just when you though you'd seen every type of tiny home, along comes these "Micro Liveable Homes" that are prefab homes at their best! These modern prefabricated tiny homes offer up a tiny space that ... read more

A Super Modern Studio That Looks Small But It's So Spacious You Won´t Believe Your Eyes!

This "STUDIO 19 BACH" tiny house is an 800 square foot tiny house space located in Onemana, Coromandel, New Zealand. The tiny house has a master bedroom with a private deck, bunkroom, kitchen, privat ... read more

Where Nature Runs Wild: This Fairytale Tiny House Gives You Countless Reasons Why Going Rustic Is The Best Way To Live!

When you peer into this image of an old stone countryside cabin, what feeling is evoked in you? What memories do you have? What does it make you dream of? Have you ever considered the idea that countr ... read more

Quirky With A Bright Twist: The Muffin Mansion Camper Will Delight Kids With Its Funky Colours And Its Cute Small-Home Design!

There have never been so many different types of tiny house and small house spaces than there are today, with each tiny house being a unique reflection of both the owner and the people who built it. ... read more
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