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Now That's One Heck of a Country Fireplace Setting

A deck is something we sometimes take for granted. It is a place to relax or entertain, outside, that is only steps from our home. Typically made of wood, there are unlimited designs and options when ... read more

This Couple Bought a 175 Years Old Cabin. What They Did with It Is Unbelievable.

This rustic log cabin shows that the "Past is Present," for Jan Paul Donelson who the log cabin that had once been someone else’s dream that had never materialized. With passion and hard work, Jan Pa ... read more

A Couple of Clicks Later, You'll Understand What Post-And-Beam Construction Is All About

While many of us dream of owning a log home, often the most stunning high-end luxurious log homes we see in pictures can cost upwards of $500,000. Log home construction is costly, but there is just so ... read more

Incredible Chainsaw Carved Bench By Tommy Craggs

This "Incredible Chainsaw Carved Bench By Tommy Craggs" takes chainsaw carving to a whole new level. Chainsaw carving just keeps getting better and better, with chainsaw carvers raising the bar all t ... read more

This Fantastic Bear Bench Is Making People Everywhere Applaud

This "Outstanding Chainsaw Carved Bears Bench" is made by T & D Carvings located in Brockport, Pennsylvania. T & D stands for Tom and Dawna who are both self taught artists who began carving in 2000, ... read more

Adorable Little Bear Supporting a Table By Jeff Pinney

This "Adorable Little Bear Supporting a Table By Jeff Pinney" is definitely one of a kind, and it looks just like the tiny black bear cub is trying to get up on the table! Chainsaw art is such a grea ... read more

Incredible Wolf Bench Carving By Jordan Anderson

This "Incredible Wolf Bench Carving By Jordan Anderson" light colored wood with the darker detailed wolf carving for a log carved bench that is sure to be a conversation wherever it goes. This beauti ... read more

Look Closely... It's More Then Just an Amazing Carving...

This "Stunning Carved Seesaw by Dimitry Ramushkevich" is like nothing you've seen before. Children will either be amazed be this insane design, or some could be a little nervous at the reality of the ... read more

Wonderful Carved Bear Coffee Table

A "Wonderful Carved Bear Coffee Table" like this, is sure to be a good conversation starter whenever guests come over. This carved bear coffee table would look especially great in a log cabin, log ho ... read more

A Couple of Clicks Later, You'll Understand What Log House Design Is All About

When you see this "Amazing Huge Room" you won't soon forget it. The stunning great room with exposed log beams, rustic lighting, area rugs, stone work, stone fireplace, lots of windows and log railin ... read more

The Fastest Shortcut to a True Mountain Home

You will fall in love with "Montana Reclaimed Lumber" and all the different cabins, retreats and ranches they have helped build. There is something special about antique hand hewn wood, reclaimed tim ... read more

The Best Kept Secrets of Comprehensive Log House Design

Just when you think you've seen the nicest log home there is, along comes one like this "Wilson Mountain Residence!" This stunning log home has a great room that you would never want to leave, with a ... read more

Only for People That Have a True Passion for Quality and Natural Beauty

This stunning "Front Porch Exterior of Rustic Log and Timber Home" is just one of the designs you can choose when it comes time to build your log home or log cabin. Building a log home or timber home ... read more

Don't Start Designing Your Log Home Interior before You See This

You'll want to see this "Homestead Lodge" great room, it has everything a good log home should! Just when you think you've seen the nicest log home great room there is, another one such as this comes ... read more

Unique Log Home & Furniture Design Ideas for High Lifestyle

This "Beautiful Front Porch" is just one of the home designs that you will be inspired by on this site. With a portfolio that will fuel your home dreams and inspirations, you'll find each design bett ... read more

A Tasteful Detail That Will Transform Your Bathroom from Plain to Cool

This might be the "Best Rustic Bathroom" you'll see today! With its stone floor, rough edge wood bathroom counter top, lots of wood on the walls, wood framed mirror, and wooden ceilings and bathroom ... read more

This Bench Is so Realistically Spooky No One Will Ever Want to Sit on It

Have you ever seen such an "Awesome Viking Bench Carving By Peter Auchmoody?" This is the coolest chainsaw carved piece of log furniture ever! This unique and one of a kind chainsaw carved corner do ... read more

Warm and Cozy

This "Warm and Cozy" living room is the log home dreams are made of. There is something to be said about stone fireplaces, knotty pine, exposed wood beams, quilts and cosy area rugs that make us feel ... read more

Log Home Interior at Its Finest a Must See!

Some of the most beautiful and most inviting homes are log homes and cabins, like this beautiful log home showcasing a beautiful interior. This shows a Heavenly Part of Log Home where you could just ... read more

Here's a True Story about a Family That Built the Log Home of Their Dreams

This story about an "Altitude Adjustment A Handcrafted Log Home in Colorado" tells the story of how this family built the log home of their dreams. When building a log home there are plenty of steps ... read more

Supreme Log Home Interior Design Ideas for High Lifestyle

This "Fantastic Log Home Interior" is what log homes are all about, with log homes more stunning than ever. Just when you think you've seen the most amazing log home ever, another comes along and set ... read more

Caution: Do Not Spend the Entire Day Cooking in This Amazing Kitchen

Everyone can agree that log homes and cabins are absolutely wonderful structures to live in. Have a look at this Relaxing and Beautiful Kitchen Log Home! Log homes are known to be able to provide ... read more

OMG! This Carving Is so Amazing It Should Be Displayed in a Museum

This "Beautifully Carved Park Entrance in Gateshead UK," takes chainsaw carving to a whole new level. The amazing detail throughout the carved piece is stunning, with owls, a rabbit, a fox, birds and ... read more

Easy Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

Do you ever see something in a magazine or online and say, "I want that!", but then you find out that it isn't even available for order, or is it outrageously expensive? That is what happened with t ... read more

Awesome Pipe Projects

Let's face it, when you live in a small space, you are always looking for unique ideas on how to maximize your space. Check out some of these awesome pipe projects that will give you dome small space ... read more

Adorable Bear Table Chainsaw Carving

This "Adorable Bear Table Chainsaw Carving" might startle some people at first if they don't realize the bear is there! This beautifully chainsaw carved table looks just like the bear is looking up t ... read more

How To Make A BBQ Braai Table From An Industrial Cable Reel

You won't believe this "How To Make A BBQ Braai Table From An Industrial Cable Reel!" Sometimes the best DIY projects can be done with the things you have lying around the house collecting dust, and ... read more

This 104 Year Old Great Grandmother Yarn Bombed Her Town

While everyone is looking at the latest Banksy street art piece, there are other types of street artists that come out to colour the world in a different way. Grace Brett is one of those people, and ... read more

This Nap Desk Is a Workday Game Changer

If you work in an office, you know how afternoons in the middle of the week can go, and sometimes more coffee is not the answer. Now This Nap Desk Is a Workday Game Changer! People who work all day ... read more

OMG! This Magnificent Leaf Carved Bench Is a Must-See

This "Awesome Leaf Carved Bench By Andy O'Neill" is the perfect piece of log furniture for a log home, log cabin or log chalet. The rustic charm of this chainsaw carved bench is a great conversation ... read more
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