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For Impatient Farmers Who Can't Wait For Veggies To Naturally Grow

One of the hardest parts of being a new gardener is finding the patience to wait for your newly planted seeds to grow. In a world of instant gratification waiting even a couple of weeks for seeds to s ... read more

8 Homes That Are 100% Powered By The Sun

You will love these 8 Homes That Are 100% Powered By The Sun. Solar-powered off grid houses are no longer reserved just for the rich. Never have solar powered and off grid houses been more affordable ... read more

She Finds Clay In Nature And Makes Pottery From Scratch

If you’re interested in the off grid life, you might want to learn how the ancient Anasazi people made their beautiful hand-crafted pottery. This enlightening video poem, featuring artist Kelly Magleb ... read more

Off-Grid Capsules That Promote Green Living

Dreaming of going off the grid and living a simpler, carbon-free life? Then you’ll really want to check out these off-grid capsules that promote green living. Whether you are interested in tiny homes, ... read more

Love Pizza? Make Your Own Pizza Oven Using Only Two Things

This fun DIY project to "Make Your Own Pizza Oven For Cheap Using A Fire Pit And A Flower Pot" is so easy most anyone can do it. With so many pizza toppings, it's probably safe to say there is a pizza ... read more

Caution: These Plants Are Terrifying As Sh**

There is so much beauty in nature. But there is danger in it as well. Who would've known that even the most simple and plain looking plants can be potentially harmful and dangerous. Same as humans, an ... read more

Want To Live Off Grid? Yes, But Only If I Can Reside In A House Like This…

It seems that tiny houses just keep getting better and better, with more tiny house and small house designs, styles and plans than ever before. This "Colourful Solar Powered 'Ravenlore' Tiny House Is ... read more

5 Reasons Living Off The Grid Is The Best Decision You Could Ever Take

In this modern era, there are lots of people who prefer living in the city. This is because they greatly believe that all the things they need are already available right there in front of them. They ... read more

Your Kids Will Scream With Joy When They See This Terrific Heated Pool…

You can build a solar power heating system for your pool, and you will need the pump, controller, filter and its PVC pipes that allow water to flow. What you need to do is just break into the PVC line ... read more

Tired Of The Same Old Kitchen Design? Itching To Try Something New, But Don’t Know What? Here Are Some Cool Ways To Bring A Spark To Your Kitchen...

If the kitchen is your favorite spot in your house, then this is something that you should read. You can keep things tidy and clean in the kitchen area with the many ideas that are laid out there for ... read more

Perfect to Read In The Rain using Magic Cocoon Maison

It’s perfect to read in the rain using the magic cocoon maison. Imagine being outside in any kind of weather without having to worry about getting wet. Imagine having your very own tiny space to retr ... read more

How to Start a Fire With a Lemon

You will want to see How to Start a Fire With a Lemon. This easy and fun to do off grid life technique uses the popular fruit to start a fire. The step by step video tutorial on starting an off grid l ... read more

When Your House Is Made Of Stone

When Your House Is Made Of Stone is is safe to say you have a unique small house plans. This stone small house design fits in perfectly with its landscape and looks like something that has been there ... read more

Tesla Model H Announced: A Plug-in Hybrid Mobile Home that is Both Cozy and Luxurious

You will want to take a closer look at this Tesla Model H Announced: A Plug-in Hybrid Mobile Home that is Both Cozy and Luxurious. Just recently Tesla Motors, known for their luxury electric cars reve ... read more

Beautiful Home Is Energy Efficient And Blends With The Hillside

You will want to take a closer look at this beautiful home is energy efficient and blends with the hillside. This tiny house design is a stunning example of how architecture can blend almost seamlessl ... read more

The Wonderbag Is A Slow Cooker That Needs No Electricity Or Fuel

Collecting off-grid tips, tricks, ideas, and innovations that will help make the transition to an off-grid lifestyle easier? Or perhaps you are just interested in living an environmentally-friendly l ... read more

This Wood Stove Makes Electricity To Power Your Home

This wood stove makes electricity to power your home. If you are living off grid or are thinking of living an off grid life, then you might want to invest in this single multifunctional item that coul ... read more

Off-Grid Hobbit-like Cave Home Built into a Hillside

For anyone who dreams of living an off-grid lifestyle, researching other people’s methods of going off grid can be a fascinating pastime. There’s no end to the creativity that goes into living off gri ... read more

For 25 Years He Carved Caves For $12 Per Hour. This Artistic Master Is Now Discovered

For 25 years he carved caves for $12 per hour. This artistic master is now discovered. For anyone who has ever visited or seen pictures of Ra Paulette’s hand-carved sandstone cave masterpieces, they w ... read more

Extendable CampreVan is a Perfect Solution for the Family

You will want to take a closer look at the Extendable CampreVan is a Perfect Solution for the Family. This new VW DoubleBack camper van was launched in Cardiff. The amazing new campervan is based on t ... read more

Our Off The Grid Cottage Dream On 100 Acres Of Beauty

Our Off The Grid Cottage Dream On 100 Acres Of Beauty is beautiful off the grid house plans located in the Northern Tablelands in N.S.W. on the east coast of Australia. This off grid life is at an alt ... read more

This Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Works Without Electricity

If you are thinking about making the shift to living off grid, then you might be looking for a washing machine to wash your clothes easily. This Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Works Without Electricit ... read more

Solar Powered ‘Farm from a Box’ Everything You Need to Run an Off-Grid Farm

This Solar Powered ‘Farm from a Box’ Everything You Need to Run an Off-Grid Farm is too awesome and would be the perfect way to start an off grid life. If you are one of the people who is thinking th ... read more

17 Things You Can Do to Earn a Steady Income from an Off-Grid Home

I think there comes a time for everyone when our inner adventurer urges us to pull up stakes, put our thumbs to the wind, and explore the hidden gems of the world. Live off-grid for a while, and get b ... read more

16 Fruit & Veggie Scraps You Shouldn't Throw Away

For those of you who are fans of organic living, this information is sure to make you happy. Did you know that you can re-grow some of of the vegetables and fruits you are using? Here are some of th ... read more

Here's How a Chainsaw Art Guru Decorates His Home

They say the bigger the better. That might be true to some aspects of life but nowadays tiny houses have been literally taken over and considered these past few days as one of the trending. Fairytale ... read more

Do You Know What the Best Method for Drying Food at Home Is?

Drying food is a centuries old technique for effectively preserving a wide variety of foods against spoilage. Many aboriginal cultures around the world have dried foods such as fish and meats to berri ... read more

How Junk Mail Can Help You Drastically Reduce Your Heating Bill

Depending on the climate where you live, home heating bills can be enormous at certain times of the year. If you have a fireplace in your home you can drastically reduce your heating bill even if you ... read more

How to Make Your Garden More Fertile at Almost No Expense

There was a time when recycling as a general concept was new, trendy, and quite out of the ordinary for most people. Fortunately, now it seems as if not just every household but every public and priv ... read more

6 Secret Tips for Growing Strawberries That Are Sweet, Plump and Full of Vitamins

Strawberries area so much fun to grow and are gaining popularity in hanging container baskets that anyone can take home and enjoy. Imagine picking your own fresh berries! Don't feel you need a big gar ... read more
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