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13 Handmade Tiny Houses

If you are into tiny home design, these 13 Handmade Tiny Houses will be an inspiration to you. There are so many adorable tiny houses that people are designing and building all around the world. Tin ... read more

This Girl Has Figured out How to Live Lavishly in 200 Square Feet

Check out this amazing Lilypad, An Exotic Eco-Stanctuary tiny house on wheels, from Tiny House Swoon. This is a super uniquely designed tiny house on wheels that was dreamed up by Anita, in Portland, ... read more

This Tiny Green House Is Every Free Spirit's Dreams Come True. Especially the Inside.

This Tiny Green House is a popular tiny house design that has been custom built for its owner. The tiny house design that is located in Arkansas is a multi-level tiny house design on wheels. This cozy ... read more

This Big Tiny Family Home Might Redefine the American Dream

Building a tiny house can work for anyone, which is what the Wasatch tiny house on wheels proves. This tiny home design was created for a family of four people, a husband, a wife and their two daught ... read more

This House Has Only 396 Sq. Ft, but It Might Hold the Secret to Stress-Free Living

Tiny House Swoon is such a great place to find tiny homes like this gorgeous tiny house built by Tiny by Design. This sweet and stylish tiny house on wheels is for sale for only $64,500 which is a fr ... read more

This House Seems So Small and Modest, but When You Look inside… OMG!

Take a virtual tour through this sweet Sandy Tiny House with an awesome tiny house design. You don't have to search very hard these days to find amazing tiny house design concepts as people all over ... read more

An Amazing Shoebox Size Home That Will Put Your 5-Star Hotel Room to Shame

Introducing the Pacifica, a lovely tiny house on wheels from Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel. Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel is comprised of seven tiny houses on wheels, all with unique small house pl ... read more

This Treehouse Looks Like The Nest Of A Giant Bird!

This Treehouse Looks Like The Nest Of A Giant Bird! This tiny homes designs is like no other home you've seen before. This is just one of the tiny homes designs you will find, with ten tiny homes desi ... read more

This Scandinavian Tiny Home Has Some Real Privacy

The LITTORINAHAVET 7 is a tiny home design is a beautiful Scandinavian design that you will love. There is so much to look at in this 645 square foot simple design. This tiny home design has a roof te ... read more

When You Peek inside This Tiny Home, You'll Want to Stay Forever

This contemporary Sonoma Guest Cottage tiny house designs is simplicity at its best. The interior, tiny house design of this tiny house is just as beautiful as the exterior of this best tiny house des ... read more

Is This the Most Tastefully Designed Tiny House or What?

When it comes to small designer homes, this Hill - Matheux Cottage would definitely be placed high in the ranking of best tiny house design. Once you start looking through all of the tiny house inter ... read more

I Can't Decide What's More Beautiful – the Cottage, or Its Location

The GOOSE ROCKS BEACH COTTAGE is one of the nicest small cottage homes you will see. This 960 square foot small cottage homes overlooks the Goose Rocks Beach, located in Kennebunkport, Maine. This sma ... read more

This Small House Has a Rather Unexpected Interior

Have a look at this awesome Oceanside Weehouse from Small House Swoon. You will absolutely love having a virtual photo tour through this awesome little small house. You can admire the small house de ... read more

I Can't Believe What They Did with This Cabin. Especially the Kitchen.

You will want to take a closer look at this remodeled cabin that is located on Vashon Island, in Washington State. This tiny house design was designed by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects. There is s ... read more

Enjoy All the Comforts of a Traditional Log Home in 580 Square Feet

One of the amazing things about log cabins is that they have been being built for centuries. This lovely 580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin , is a lovely example of a wonderful log cabin kit that you ca ... read more

The Mix of Decorations in This Tiny Cabin Is so Crazy You Have to Love It

Sweet dreams and sweetly serene: welcome to Sweet Dreams Cabin. If you like learning about tiny houses and people who transition from large urban homes to mini house living, then you’ll enjoy this ar ... read more

This Incredible 375 Sq. Ft. Home Has a Feature You've Never Seen Before

This THOREAU’S CABIN tiny home design is an inspiring 375 square foot tiny houses design that can be found in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This beautiful tiny home design is inspiring with an entire corn ... read more

Tiny Doesn't Have to Mean Unassuming, and This House Proves It

This stunning tiny Mountain Cabin located in Truckee, California is the best tiny house design. There is so much to love about this beautiful tiny home design. Located in Truckee, California the tiny ... read more

A Tiny Home That Blurs the Line between Its Splashy Interior and Gorgeous Surroundings

This TYE RIVER CABIN is one of the best tiny house design plans that you will see. The tiny house design sits in the perfect woodland setting in Skykomish, Washington. This tiny house design was desig ... read more

This Remarkably Stylish Small Studio Cabin Was Built for Only $23,000

If you are inspired by simple tiny cabin designs, have a look at this Visible Studio featured on Small House Swoon. A cabin building project like this one shows that you can build a small cabin quite ... read more

The ‘She Shed’: A Tiny Home Specifically For Women

Okay, ladies, here it is - something we know you’ve been waiting for. Here’s a whole gallery of the ‘She Shed’: a tiny home specifically for women, in all of its myriad designs. In the middle of all t ... read more

Palatial Dutch Tiny House is Naturally Lit with Giant Glass Doors

What a gorgeous Palatial Dutch Tiny House is Naturally Lit with Giant Glass Doors from Woon Pioneers. This is a tiny house on wheels that was designed by Daniel Venneman who is in the Netherlands. T ... read more

Island Tiny Home Built from Bottles, Bones and Beach Debris

When it comes to all of the different tiny house-building techniques we have available to us these days, it is truly an exciting time to be alive. There are just so many ways you can build your tiny d ... read more

The Nature-Inspired Design of This Tiny Home Is Remarkable (and What's Even Better Is Its Location)

The VARDENHAUGEN CABIN is an 828 square foot tiny house design located in Fosen, Norway. This tiny home design was designed by Fantastic Norway. This tiny home design uses inspiration from nature to m ... read more

Warning! This Adorable Tiny Home Will Probably Make You Jealous

Warning! This Adorable Tiny Home Will Probably Make You Jealous. This tiny house construction known as Mendocino County House located in Mendocino Country, California is an 840 square tiny house const ... read more

This Tiny Home Is the Perfect Example of How to Make a Small Space Feel Big

This Kibanda tiny house design is something to admire. If you fall in love with small cottage homes and rustic cabins, then this timber built tiny cabin will be right up your alley. Log cabins and ... read more

I Can't Decide What's Prettier—the outside of This Tiny Home, or Its Interior

There are so many great design details on this MOONRIDGE DRIVE CABIN located in Whitefish, Montana from the reclaimed wood and corrugated tiny exterior to the wood beams throughout. This tiny house de ... read more

This 19th Century Tiny House Has a Truly Unbelievable Story

You will want to take a closer look at this charming Trout River Log Cabin. This tiny house design is a mid 19th-century log tiny house design that originally served as a school in Decorah, Iowa. The ... read more


You will want to take a closer look at the LITTLE LOST VALLEY CABIN a stunning tiny house design located in Summit Springs Ranch, Idaho. This restored tiny house design is a 700 square foot tiny cabin ... read more

The Interior of This Cabin Is So Picture-Perfect You'll Think It Was Photoshopped

It's easy to fall in love with the Little Bit Of Thoreau tiny house design. This tiny house design is a small cabin that is located near Asheville, North Carolina outside of the Pisgah National Forest ... read more
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