Imagine Yourself Living in this $60,000 Marvelous Log House

Imagine Yourself Living in this $60,000 Marvelous Log House

This photo makes it easy to imagine a vacation home in a stunning location beside a lake. This beautiful wood house prefab design can be yours at the great price of between $140 to 350 US per square ten feet. With its two floors of living space, a good sized upper, and lower patio, high-quality Russian pine throughout, white trim, solid wood doors, fiberglass roofing shingles there is so much to love about this prefab design. The nice thing about prefab and modular designs is they can often save you quite a bit of money. This is because prefab and modular designs are built inside factories, these designs can be built faster than a standard type of home build. Prefab and modular homes can usually be built in a matter of weeks, as opposed to taking months because there are no weather delays. Which is good news as this can save you money in the long run. Prefabs and modular designs are also more environmentally friendly, there is less waste, and you will save money on your monthly expenses. The nice thing about prefab homes is that a lot of the work is done for you, with the proper research beforehand you can have the house of your dreams at an affordable price.

On top of building prefab and modular home designs more quickly, the home inspections for the homes are performed at the factory during each phase of the construction process by a third-party inspector and are fully completed before the prefab designs are transported to their permanent locations. It is important to note, that some of the more complex prefab designs and specs, will cost you more. Which is the case in any home design that is more complicated. You will also want to think about things like electrical, plumbing and duct work which are often not factored into the initial pricing of the prefab design, so your final home cost may be about 20 percent higher than the builders cost. You might also need to install things like a septic system, natural gas or a basement depending on the location you live in and what you need, those factors will also affect the final cost of your prefab home. Prefab designs are usually installed and treated like regular houses, for things like financing, appraisals and construction purposes. Although the sections of modular houses are prefabricated, the sections or modules as they are called, are then put together at the building site much like a regular home. Manufactured and mobile homes are rated as personal property. Manufactured homes are built onto steel beams, and are then transported in complete sections to the building site, where they are then assembled. Mobile homes are different than modular homes as they are built on wheels thus the name mobile, that can then be moved.

If you are thinking about a prefab home design, the "Alibaba" site is the place to look. On this prefab site, you will find all sorts of designs, in a variety of sizes from big to small. You will be these suppliers of prefab designs from all around the world depending on the sort of prefab designs you want. There are prefab designs with and without covered patios, in a wide variety of designs, styles, plans, and sizes. If building your prefab design is something you are considering, you will want to take a look at this site as they are sure to have something that you will like. With all sorts of prefab designs from Craftsman, log cabins, sheds, timber framed designs and so much more, there is something to suit most any need and preference. **

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