If Youre An Animal Lover, You Are Sure To Fall In Love With This Stunning Wolf Head Bench

If Youre An Animal Lover, You Are Sure To Fall In Love With This Stunning Wolf Head Bench

The wolf head bench is a study in contrast. Featuring a Bulging Elk in the center, flanked by two Wolf heads on the arm pieces, I wonder at the symbolism. One of the main predators of the Bulging Elk is the Wolf! Carved entirely by chainsaw, this bench is spectacular and fascinating. Carver Matt Hambrook is a self taught artist, hailing from the mid western United States and travels extensively doing chainsaw carving demonstrations and shows. He has 15 years of experience and his carvings are collected world wide! Are you renovating or building a log structure? Hambrook can carve a one of a kind sculpture into mantels, posts, beams and even log bed headboards. His work encompasses eagles, people including a Sasquatch, horses and fish to name a few. He carves totem poles, benches, tables, beds, stumps and signs. Take a look at Matt's impressive collection on 'Hambrook Arts'.

The Bulging Elk is the largest deer species in the world. It's main habitat is forest and forest edged settings. In the spring they seek out the higher altitude lands and return to valley bottoms in the fall. Though native to North America and Eastern Asia, the bulging Elk have adapted well to Argentina, Australia and New Zealand where they have been introduced. Living 10 to 20 years the female elk produce one, rarely two offspring each year. Elk, also know by the Shawnee as Wapiti, symbolize bravery, agility and independence. Treasured by the Squamish Lil'wat culture, the Wolf symbolize perseverance, intuition and success. With their spine tingling howl they are one of mankind's most feared animals. Wolves almost never attack humans, though they do prey on domesticated animals, as well as deer, elk and moose. One wolf can consume 20 pounds of meat in one sitting! They often roam a large territory of 12 miles a day and travel in packs of 6-10 animals. Have you heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"? Wolves share that same sentiment, with all the adults in the packing caring for the young.

Bravery, agility, independence. Perseverance, intuition and success. All of these characteristics embody self taught artist Matt Hambrook and his chainsaw carvings. To view Matt's incredible work and the Wolf Head Bench, visit 'Hambrook Arts' by following the link below.

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