If You Can Afford Two Cars, You Can Easily Afford This Log Home as Well

If You Can Afford Two Cars, You Can Easily Afford This Log Home as Well

The Garage Apartment Coventry $64,100 log home is a must see for anyone who would like some flexibility in a log home they are purchasing. If you are looking through log house designs and you are still not sure what to choose, this Garage Apartment model from Coventry Log Homes could be a great one to start with when it comes to log home kits. If you are being more pulled to small log homes, this log home model is also a really good choice as it has so much room for being used for different purposes. It could be a great first home and then shift into becoming a rental unit once a large log home is built. Small log homes give you the same beauty and strength as a larger log home but with a more budget friendly price tag. You can begin living in one of these small log homes now while you save for a larger one that can be built in the future.

The Garage Apartment is a well laid out floor plan that consists of a double garage on the main floor, and then a two bedroom apartment on the top level with a bathroom and open concept living area with a kitchen. This could also work well as a workshop building that is able to be lived in for a mechanic or a wood worker. The options are really endless. You could either live upstairs and work downstairs or use the upstairs for office space and a bathroom and kitchen to use while working. This log home model comes from the Cabin Series of log homes from Coventry Log Homes. The Garage Apartment is the largest log home out of this Cabin series too. For an 8 by 8 foot sized Complete log home building package it only costs $70,550. This is money that would be well invested and could even bring you income over time depending on how it is used.

Coventry Log Homes has over 60 models that you can purchase log home kits for. They have all sorts of beautiful log house designs for small log homes as well as larger, custom designed log homes. Their staff of 30 professionals will work closely with each and every customer to bring them the log home of their dreams, and the company takes pride in the quality log homes and quality service they deliver to their customers. The company is also a Green company, meaning that they adhere to certain guidelines that make their business environmentally friendly. All of their log home kits and models are able to be Green Certified by a third party certifier that they work with, so that you can have an environmentally friendly and cost effective home. Logs themselves are a very sustainable option when it comes to building houses and cabins. Since all of the trees used in these projects come from sustainable tree plantations, you can guarantee that the wood that is used to build your home will have come from these sustainable plantations where nothing is wasted and everything is recycled.

Log homes have been being built for centuries, and for good reason. These fine structures can last decades and some even have lasted one hundred years of braving the elements and use. So we can really trust the structural integrity of logs and feel safe living in the homes they build. Even though log homes can sometimes be on the pricier side, you can feel confident about making the investment to build your own log home knowing that you will be able to enjoy it with your family and friends for years to come, and leave it behind for your own children to enjoy throughout their lives.*

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