If Only You Could Learn The Wisdom The Walls This Log Cabin Has To Share

If Only You Could Learn The Wisdom The Walls This Log Cabin Has To Share

We just love to feature log cabins, and this one really has character! We’ll bet it has more than just a few stories to tell. As someone commented, “It looks like the house from Bonanza!” And she’s right; it does look like the Ponderosa! For those who don’t know, Bonanza was a long-running TV show about the Cartwright family, who lived on a six hundred thousand acre ranch (imagine!) on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The show took place in the 1860s and had a lot to do with life in the old west. “Ponderosa” was a reference to the beautiful Ponderosa Pine with was prolific in the area at the time.

And so yes, it’s true! A log cabin like this not only makes us think of old westerns like Bonanza; it also makes us consider North America’s rich history.

Log cabins have been around for ages, and their own history is inextricably interwoven with that of the whole continent. Early North American settlers originally built them in the woods, close to the trees they used to make them. Over the years, they became a very solid symbol of independence, self-sufficiency, and freedom. The reasons for this are many! Just after the American Civil War, log cabins provided those travelling Westward with a reliable shelter that was relatively easy to build. People were just emerging from a very violent and chaotic time, and the log cabin offered a feeling of both freedom and security.

The construction of log homes peaked in the late 19th century, but then slowly began to fade out in North America – but it never completely died. And lately, they are becoming more and more popular for their visual beauty as well as their practicality as many seek out simpler, cheaper, and healthier ways to live in our otherwise fast-paced world.

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