If John Wayne Was Building a Log Cabin, I Bet He'd Choose This Plan

If John Wayne Was Building a Log Cabin, I Bet He'd Choose This Plan

This Maplecreek Floor Plan by Expedition Log Homes shows just how beautiful a simple log home can truly be. Log home building has always been a way for people to build homes for themselves. Throughout history we have seen people building homes with log materials and they have proven to stand the test of time, always strong and durable. In fact, log homes began being built in ancient Roman times. From then on, the building knowledge has been passed down and used by different cultures all over the world, and now we see log home floor plans like the one from Expedition Log Homes.

This Maplecreek Log Home is a beautiful log home floor plan that cane be purchased from Expedition Log Homes. This particular home is 2, 424 square feet in total, and two levels. This beautiful layout features three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which would prove to be enough room for a family, or a very nice log cabin to use for recreational purpose. From their great website, you will be able to download the PDF that shows the floor plan information, before you make your decision to order the log home plans and the materials to build it. This layout is quite simple and flows well, the two smaller bedrooms are on the main floor, as well as the lovely open concept living room, kitchen and dining room. The master bedroom and en suite are upstairs, with a great walk in closet and a little loft area for seating or maybe a bookshelf. The other nice feature of this log home floor plan is the sunken sunroom, which is a rounded shaped room off of the main house, yet still connected. This could be the perfect place to put in a ton of plants and enjoy it as a studio to paint in, or just as a seating room to sit in and enjoy the sunshine.

The outdoor patios and decks on the home are yet another way to enjoy this log home floor plan while being able to enjoy nature. A barbecue would suit one of the decks just perfectly with a nice seating arrangement; you will be ready for summer time! Expedition Log Homes makes it easy to obtain all of the building materials necessary for your log home building project; you can build the log home yourself, or hire outside contractors to build your home for you and overall assist you with the whole process. Expedition Log Homes uses only the highest quality in logs, and all of their logs come from well managed, sustainable tree farms. They are cut using a drawknife that minimizes the amount of refuse and also ensures that no trees are wasted in the process of making log homes.

The overall sustainability of log homes happens to exceed the sustainability of conventional houses when it comes to the renewable resources used to build these beauties. Not only that, logs also have a very high thermal mass, meaning they can keep in the warm air, usually much better than the drywall houses can, which can have a positive effect on your heating bills in the colder winter months. Sometimes using the wood burning fireplace alone can be enough to heat the whole house throughout the winter. Expedition Log Homes offers different log home building profiles like the Handcrafted Saddlenotch or Swedish Saddlenotch, as well as the Timber Dovetail, to give a variety of looks to the exterior of the log home. The company also has log home building dealers nationwide, to be available for many clients.

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