Idaho Mountain Retreat Home Plan Click to View Floor Plans

Idaho Mountain Retreat Home Plan Click to View Floor Plans

This beauty of a log home is the Idaho Mountain Retreat Home Plan that you can dream of building for you and your family one day! The log home uses hand-hewn, square 8 inches by 12-inch logs. The stacked fascia and the truss work of the log home combine with the beautiful eyebrow overhangs that also add to the appeal of this beautiful conservative log home retreat. This stunning log home checks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect log home design. The log home looks amazing both inside and out. Outside you have the cedar siding, wrap around patio and trusses that set this log home apart from the rest. Inside on the main floor of the log home you have a Great Room with high ceiling, and an open dining/kitchen/living room area. On the main floor, you also have two bedrooms, a full pantry and a full bathroom. The upstairs of this log home have the master bedroom and with full bathroom, and space that looks down to the Great Room below. This log home would look good wherever it was located, but especially great located on a mountainside, riverside or natural location. You could sit out on the outdoor patio, all day long enjoying the scenic views.

My Woodhome is a great place to look if log home living is something you are thinking about or something you are interested in. Some of the topics covered on the site include log home plans, log home budget, log home design and log home floor plans. You will also be able to find log home builds, log home furnish, maintaining a log home and log home companies and products.

On the site, there is an interactive quiz that help to get you started on your log home journey because building the log home of your dreams is one of the most fulfilling and exciting journeys you will take. With that said it is also one of the most daunting tasks you will take on. So the site can help you on your way, by steering you in the right direction, and offering any help or suggestions along the way. One of the first questions the quiz will ask you is if you already have your piece of property to build your log home. If you don't, they can offer suggestions on how to start the process of purchasing a piece of land.

Some of the tips they offer on buying a piece of raw property are sure to be useful. Selecting the site for your log home is as important to your log home project as choosing the log home design to build. It's true that the appeal of log home comes not only from the log home structure itself, but also from where the log home is located, and the environment that surrounds the log home. A log home is only made better by the aesthetics of the land, and how it combines with the environment that it sits on. If you are thinking about building your log home in a development or a parcel of land that has already been subdivided for new log home or homes, you will have fewer worries, than if you were just to buy an undeveloped piece of land. A plot of land that has been subdivided will already have a road and access to utilities, and will be attached to a public sewer system.

The disadvantage to purchasing a piece of land that is already developed is that you will have trouble when it comes to the rules on how and what you can build. You will have to deal with plenty of restrictive rules that will dictate a lot of your aesthetic choices, and there will be a review committee that will also help in limiting your log home vision. You will also have less options, when it comes to choosing the natural environment of your surroundings.

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