I Will STAB Somebody To Have This Home!

I Will STAB Somebody To Have This Home!

"New York" and "log home" are two nouns that on first glance have next to nothing in common. I mean, did you know there was wood in New York? Not to mention a log home? There might be a few trees somewhere around Coxsackie or Poughkeepsie, and then there's the Adirondacks, but that's a state park. In truth the sprawling state so commonly known for the city of the same name (not the state capital, just to clarify), extends far to the north and contains plenty of forested land. Yet, thanks to Hollywood's incessant portrayal of New York as the only city on earth, we're back to the fair assumption that most homes in the generally citified, concretized, and high density New York State would be made of more traditional materials.

But not so. As this breathtaking photo reveals, there is indeed at least one monolithic, gingerbread-esque log home in the renowned state of America's northeast. This monument of an home is constructed of whole trees, whose felling has certainly impacted the potential for climate change in North America, in addition to a proverbial quarry of stone, equally exceptional in its beauty and strength. Nonetheless, this absolutely magnificent display of human engineering, 80-100 years of cellulose growth, and unearthed stone is the likely envy of every home, interior, architecture, and design publication on the planet; or at least south of Schenectady.

Brought to us by the folks at Beauty Harmony Life this spectacular image, one of twenty-three, provides viewers with a near virtual tour of the home and its property. With an intuitive, canvas-style layout, and articles on travel, DIY & crafts, home decor, outdoors, photography, and more, Beauty Harmony Life is a cornucopia of information, concepts, and ideas for everyone from amateur hobbyist to professional alike.

Practically a Hugh Hefner mansion molded from wood, this New York log domicile could equally be home to a Hamptons billionaire power couple, or a country music star. Or at least a country music video. A stunning interior matches the astounding exterior, with cathedral ceilings, stone walls and arched hallways, exposed beams, and about every other luxury detail there is to be had. At once rustic and elegant, this sophisticated, colossal marvel of timber stands as a reminder that wood does exist in New York.

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