I Think 9 out of 10 Americans Would Agree: This Log Home Is Fabulous (Click for Floor Plan)

I Think 9 out of 10 Americans Would Agree: This Log Home Is Fabulous (Click for Floor Plan)

The Aspinwall Log Home Plan has an amazing spiral staircase. This 1,449 square foot log cabin is the perfect size for a retiree couple or young family starting out. The plan has a master bedroom, upstairs loft and two and a half baths. On the main floor of this rustic log cabin is an open kitchen/dining room/living room, half bathroom, master bathroom with walk-in-closet and ensuite. The stonework on the lower level just adds to the charm of this rustic and cozy log home. The main level also has a deck and porch to sit outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. The upstairs has a bathroom, a loft that can be used as a place for guests to stay, this area opens up to the space below. This log home space would be a great floorplan to use as a vacation home, a place to getaway and relax and enjoy the outdoors. Owning a vacation log home is something everyone should consider. Getting away and enjoying some rest is a good way to recharge. Spending time in nature is important for everyone. Getting out doing some hiking and outdoor activities is healthy and something you are sure to enjoy. This log home was built by Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes.

Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes is one of the biggest and most innovative log home manufacturers in the United States. Their founder Jim Barna did plenty to shape the landscape of the current log home market. He did this by changing the logs used in log home builds. He started the trend of milling the logs to specific, uniform sizes and joining them together with interlocking saddle notch corners and tongue-and-groove walls. These trusted and used log home techniques kept the log home structures air and watertight and maintained the straight lines of the log homes. Since then, Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes has developed several log home systems that provide integrity, innovation, and ease of construction.

On this log home site, you will find lots of log home plans for building your dream log home, along with log home budgeting tips, log home cost saving tips, log home design, log home tours, and log home floor plan fundamentals. You will also find step by step log home building information, who to hire when building your log home, log home materials you can use and log green home building. Along with log home furnishings, log home decor and room ideas, how to maintain a log home and log home companies. On this log home site, you will find lots of log home stories, inspirations, and ideas to help you determine what it is you want in a log home. Some of the things you will find on this log home site include a New York home interprets arts and crafts styling in logs, a Riverfront retreat, a Montana timber log home and a contemporary timber home.

On the My Woodhome site, you will also find log home tips on taking your log home from grungy to new in just four simple steps. The four things that dictate when stripping logs is necessary to include when there is any film or coating on the logs when theres a build-up of old finishes when there is any area of the house where the old finish is peeling or cracking, and when there is a glossy finish on the log house. If the log home has had penetrating finishes applied to the logs, or it has never had anything applied to it or if a gentle breeze blows bits of the finish away, you can skip the stripping process altogether and pressure-wash instead.

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