I LOVE THIS Log Cabin Kit for ONLY $16,400 WOW View Floor Plans

I LOVE THIS Log Cabin Kit for ONLY $16,400 WOW View Floor Plans

What an awesome Two-Room Cabin Kit from $16,400 View Photos of this Two Room Kabin, on the Prairie Kraft Specialties website and see for yourself what a beauty it is. When it comes to building a log cabin, it can get quite expensive. Although, when you choose to purchase prefab log cabin kits, from a company like Prairie Kraft Specialties, you can get in on some pretty good deals. When you are building a log cabin from scratch, you have to source all of your own materials which can get pretty expensive. When you buy one of the cabin kits for sale, you are getting wholesale prices from the log cabin company's warehouse and they offer you special deals when you are buying a package from them. All of the prefab log cabin kits that are supplied by Prairie Kraft Specialties, will all come complete with their pure, high quality Douglas Fir logs. Douglas Fir logs are one of the most sought after type of log to be used in building projects. It is a very durable and strong type of wood that is easily workable and wonderful to use in building projects. Douglas Fir is a soft wood, and it has the ability to dry quickly as well, without the tendency to warp. The Douglas Fir tree is able to grow up to 85 meters tall, which at its full maturation gives the manufactures an abundance of wood per tree. The plantations for Douglas Fir trees exist in Canada on the West Coast of British Columbia as well as the Interior area of the province as well. Usually, the tree plantations are sustainable, meaning that all of the trees planted, grown and chopped down for use are monitored closely, and there are strict procedures in place to keep the cycle of trees flowing so there are always trees that are ready to be used in building projects.

This Two Room Kabin may be small, but it actually has plenty of space within. The exterior looks so warm and welcoming, just like a log cabin should. The log cabin also features wonderful deck on the front of the cabin which is also made from Douglas Fir wood. The Two Room Kabin also includes a sweet porch swing and a bench in the cabin kits for sale, so when the cabin is built there would be seating that is ready to be used. Inside the log cabin, there are two bedroom areas, which each can fit a double bed or a couple of sets of bunk beds. Prairie Kraft Specialties, includes the furniture materials needed to build the beds and other furniture for the cabin. They also offer a few add on options, such as air conditioning to keep it cool in the summer, or a fire place for keeping the cabin cozy and warm in the winter time. The Two Room Kabin would be able to comfortably accommodate up to four people at a time. One thing to keep in mind if you are thinking of building this log cabin, is that there is no room for a bathroom in this particular cabin floor plan. So if you are thinking of building a log cabin like this one, either adjustments to the floor plan would have to be made, or a separate bathroom building would need to be implemented.

Prairie Kraft Specialties have been dealing prefab log cabin kits for over 30 years. They have actually built cabins for some of the most well known KOA campgrounds in the United States, Canada, Mexico and in Japan. So if you are looking for a log cabin kit that you can use recreationally, make sure that you check out their great website and see just how awesome small log cabins can be.*

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