I Had No Idea What a Barn Home Was Until I Saw This, Now I WANT One!

I Had No Idea What a Barn Home Was Until I Saw This, Now I WANT One!

This Chattanooga Barn Home is a True Horse Lover's Dream. This beautiful log home building is located outside of Chattanooga, Tennesee. This barn log house designs is a 72-foot all-wood structure that includes over 4000 square feet of living space, with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a nice cedar deck. Downstairs, there's plenty of space for the horses, with three horse stalls, tack, and lots of storage space. Everything about this barn home is custom built, from the off-angle cupolas on the standing seam metal roof to the steel-framed chimney with slate finish. This is just one of the log home plans and designs you might consider when you are thinking about a barn home that has double duty. This is just one of the many timber frame styled barns you can look at.

This log home building used the traditional method of timber framing to give it the unique look and design. Timber framing is the building craft of joining heavy timbers together by using mortise and tenon joinery. Timber framing is a centuries old method that predates the use of iron nails. The log home building joinery is secured with hard wood pegs that are also known as tree nails. There are many examples of early timber-framed log house designs that you will find in America that date all the back to the late 1600s. Some of these log house designs are still standing today and are still in use. You will find examples of timber framing builds in Europe that dates back to the 13th and 14th century. Timber frame log houses are known for their longevity. Timber framing became less popular as there was a need to mass produce buildings. In the late 60s and early 70s, there was a revival of timber framing methods, as homeowners began to desire new ways of building and craftsmen responded by reviving the old and traditional ways. Now timber framing is more popular than ever, and over the years has grown more and more. The benefits of timber framing are many to include aesthetics with exposed timbers and lots of natural wood and light that make timber frames one of the most desired building options because of the strength, clean lines, and beauty of the builds. Timber framing is also versatile as they lend themselves to open floor plans with many design options. Timber framing offers wide spacing between bents and posts which allow for freedom in placement of doors and windows that allow larger than average areas for glass. Timber framing is also energy efficient. With the option of enclosing the timber frame with insulated wall and roof panels, the timber frame structures become highly energy efficient reducing heating and cooling costs.

When it comes to building custom log house designs and barns, "DC Builders" is a designer and general contractor who know their stuff. This log home building company travels all over the country building custom, quality, all-wood timber framed barns. Their custom built hog house designs not only add value to your property for generations to come, but they look beautiful too. "DC Builders" offer an in-house design team that will ensure you'll be building a 100 percent custom log home building that meets all of your needs. "DC Builders" uses only the best timber framing building materials from the great Pacific Northwest. Choosing to build custom log house designs on your property is an exciting decision. To start, you will have to decide what style of barn you are looking for. As a timber frame barn builder, "DC Builders" can help in designing and customizing your dream timber frame barn. *

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