I Could Not Resist Looking Inside This Tiny House on Wheels, Can You?

I Could Not Resist Looking Inside This Tiny House on Wheels, Can You?

Good things do come in small packages, and this 16′ Foot Curved Roof Tiny House is a great example of a great tiny house design. Designing as small house isn't much different from designing a normal sized house. The main difference is that you are designing on a smaller scale which does take a little bit of extra strategy when it comes to planning the layout so that everything flows smoothly. There are some important things to consider when planning a tiny house on wheels including the size of the house and what your personal needs are. In tiny house design, you can go up to measurements of 8 feet wide by 13.5 feet high and up to 30 feet long according to legal highway measurements. This is so that when you are moving your tiny house on wheels, you don't have to have a pilot truck or move your tiny house as a wide load down the highway which requires different permits. When you are within the limits described here, you can just get a permit for a commercial trailer or an RV depending on where you live. Its always best to stop in or call around in your area and ask questions to find out the laws in your area.

This tiny house design, although it isn't one of the largest, is designed so well and is very livable for the woman occupying it. Rocky Mountain Tiny House, a company out of Durango, Colorado worked with the client to bring her a customized version of one of their tiny house models. This tiny house on wheels is only 16 feet long, but it has plenty of space for the owner, including curved ceilings which help to expand the space. The created the curved roof by using very thin pieces of wood strategically assembled. This curved roof gives both the exterior and interior of the tiny house a very appealing look. They also managed to create the bedroom area on the main floor which is cool since many tiny houses choose to create a loft sleeping area which can be quite tight and require a ladder to ascend and descend from the loft. The natural look of all the wood panelling and wood cabinetry mixed with the industrial modern look of the metal cladding mixed in works very well together creating a rustic modern design that feels homey and clean.

This tiny house on wheels is definitely small enough for the owner to tow behind a truck and move frequently if need be. Smaller tiny houses like this one are perfect for people who are on the go a lot for work within their state, province or country. If you always have a place to call home while you are traveling for work it doesn't cause so much stress and anxiety and you always have the comforts of your own private space wherever you go. Larger tiny houses, like the ones that are above 24 feet long will tend to have a lot more weight to them, which makes them harder to tow around frequently. But the larger ones are great for people who need a little more space and are perhaps using their tiny house as a starter house with eventual plans to build a larger house or buy land. The reasons why people choose to build a tiny house on wheels can vary, but one thing is certain and that is that tiny houses are a very practical, sustainable and affordable solution to the housing market. Check out more great photos and information on this sweet 16 foot tiny house on wheels and be inspired.*

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