I Can't Make up My Mind What's Prettier—the Log Cabin, or Its Surroundings

I Can't Make up My Mind What's Prettier—the Log Cabin, or Its Surroundings

When you are out hiking, and you come across a cabin like this Pioneer Log Cabin 8, you can't help but find yourself drifting and imagining what life were like if you owned a log cabin just like this. There is something magical about a log cabin build surrounded by wildflowers, forests and mountains, something we just can't resist.

This lovely log cabin build is special, with its peaked roof, large logs, lots of windows, covered patios and scenic surroundings. It's a log cabin that shows just how far log home builds have come in all the years they've been around. Log cabins and log homes have dotted the countryside for hundreds of years, many of the original homesteading log cabins still around in one way or another. Some log cabins can be found when you are hiking in the forest, abandoned and finding it's way back to the forest floor. While other antique log cabins have been renovated and brought back to its former self, reinforced and made better with time. There is something we love about log cabins, and its no wonder they keep us close to nature and our love for homes built out of natural materials.

A log home or log cabin that is built out of sustainable forests is one step that we can take to lessening our carbon footprint, and help to live a life that is just a little greener, and environmentally friendly. Log cabins and log homes can offer a glimpse into our pasts, part of the landscape for years and a part of the community with a history and stories to tell.

This beautiful log cabin was built by the people at Pioneer Log Homes. The log home builders are located in Williams Lake, British Columbia where there is a good selection of quality logs from Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar. The family run log home company has a long and reputable knowledge of building log homes and have been doing so since 1973. It's also good to know that the log homes and log cabins they build, use logs that are built from forests that are maintained and managed in a sustainable way. Using sustainable logs ensure that there will be forests that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

When it comes to building a log home or log cabin, there is a wide variety of styles, designs, sizes and plans each unique to the log home builders, and the owners who helped design it. Pioneer log homes will help you design and build log homes that are under 1,500 square feet, and over 4,500 square feet. So it's safe to say that if you can dream it, there's a good chance they can help you realize your log home aspirations.

When Pioneer log homes began so many years ago, it was started by Bryan Reid Senior. As time went on, and the business began to grow Bryans other family members joined the log home company. Brothers, Andre Chevigny, and David Chevigny joined in, along with Bryans son, Byran Reid Junior, who trained under his Uncle Andre to become a master craftsman too. It's nice to see a log home company that is passionate about what they do, it shows in their work, and you feel that when you see these quality log home builds. You can watch the Pioneer Log Company team on the Discover Channel, and HGTV on their fun show Timber Kings, where you get to see them building their log homes, along with some of the drama that you can find behind the scenes. You get to see first hand what log home building is all about.

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